This one is for Mikel................ First Rule of Bein A Playa Do not let anyone know your a playa, this includes your family, close friends and your list of people you are currently Playin Second Rule: Do not give out any numbas, that aren't private. Or let anyone you may be playin in on your PASSWORD to your Private Cell Phone Numba. You neva know when " YOUR CLOSE FRIENDS" may be callin and this may cause SERIOUS problems to your current lifestyle. Third Rule: Just cause you may have found One Person u may want to be exclusive with. Does not mean you stop playin the game, Keepin your list active, and in control, will be beneficial, in case your situation changes. Fourth Rule: List should continue to grow to maximum potential. Be nice to everyone on your list, in everyway possible, remember they always think they are the ONLY ONE. Neva give them a reason to question that. Fifth Rule: Be Mysterious, not sneaky. Do tell them something private about yourself, this helps with trust. But never let them know everything about you. Sixth Rule: Go out often, continue to collect numbas, your cell phone should be packed and ringing off da hook. If your out with one of "FRIENDS" turn off cell, or say it's broken, this avoids accidents, that could damage your game. Seventh Rule: Stay Away from there friends, unless you are a MASTA, but even then, you know one day, all will find out. Keep it diverse, therefore, no one knows, any better and you can continue to play the game. Eighth Rule: If you have dates, tell others your at work, or super busy, and you'll talk to them lata. This allows you to work your magic, and seem like your focusing only on them. Your Date will go well, and always make them feel like numba one at every given moment. Ninth Rule: Don't let anyone met your family or friends, potential hazard to the game as well. And if you have to make sure, you repeat there names, a million times and state your status, with your friends and family, so they don't say the wrong name, or say something stupid like so and so called. Gotta cover all angles, it's a craft only few can Masta. Tenth Rule: Now everything should be good, always be at least 20 steps ahead, incase shit happens, and keep the game real and alive. Till you either get bored, or you find someone that means more then just a good time. And when that happens, get rid of all evidence that may incriminate you in the future. BE NICE to everyone whether you plan on keeping them around or not. Makes you look decent, and does not put a damper on your game. SO FAR to all the Playas and Playerettes Keep It REAL Babys and remember YOUR ALL SMOKIN HOTT!!!!!