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"14 year old Lukas McKenna's life hangs in the balance when a private corporation tries to repossess his patented genetic code." Greetings:) I am inquiring whether you would take interest in reviewing my latest screenplay, Lukas McKenna, for representation. A futuristic drama set in 2029 (NOT SCI-FI), 14 year old Lukas McKenna is fighting for his life as the TriGenetics Corporation is seeking to legally put him to death after his financially strapped father fails to make his monthly payments for genetic services rendered. Courage, strength, and love will lead him down the path of self discovery as Lukas makes his way to understand the meaning of his life. Life or Death? The story climaxes with an inevitable yet unexpected ending. Thanks for your time, Todd Keach

I would like to submit my screenplay entitled: ENCOUNTERING THE SHROUD for your consideration. The story combines the spiritual depth of SIGNS with the action and intrigue of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. A possible logline for the movie might read: A BRILLIANT BIO-ENGINEER EXPERIENCES PROFOUND SPIRITUAL CHANGES AFTER THE TRAGIC DEATH OF THE WOMAN HE LOVED. B R I E F S Y N O P S I S ------------------------------------------ TUCSON--Today, at Green Meadows Cemetery, family members and friends surrounded Joseph Tellar as he endured the burial services for his fiancée Sharon Glassmore and her sister Kate. The Glassmore women died suddenly in a horrific automobile accident on an Arizona highway. Joseph and Sharon--executives from a New York Bio-Engineering firm--had plans to be married in a local church. The Tellar family tragedy intensified earlier this morning when a European Internet site released a report linking Joseph Tellar with a Russian underworld thief named Petros Nybak. The report--widely distributed across the net--claims Joseph Tellar was the chief engineer behind the now famous break-in at the Vatican. Security officials within Vatican City reported the theft of several hundred church documents, including asset security plans. Joseph Tellar and his family retreated to their Tucson ranch following the services. The family refused to comment on the allegations. If you would like to read ENCOUNTERING THE SHROUD, you can reach me at 630-830-2475. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Thomas P. Johnson
The "We" Generation Has Just Declared War on the "We" Generation. In the action-thriller "Boomer," success-obsessed yuppie FBI Agent Jack Nolan engages in an explosive cross-country pursuit when former Stanford sociology professor William Hollingshaus embarks on a militaryesque campaign aimed at high-profile Baby Boomers. As a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues, Jack finds himself thrust headlong into an explosive battle with an elite militia group and a terrifying confrontation with his own elitist lifestyle. As mentioned in a previous query, I have penned thirteen specs and just recently came to the market. Several of my scripts are currently being read/considered around town. If interested, please feel free to contact me at your leisure. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Todd Mihalcik

Greetings, I am an award winning writer, director, producer and actor. Two of my highest concept screenplays: Seven Witnesses : Escaped mental patient has all the personality traits of all Seven Dwarfs. On a Field of Legends : Ex-superstar college quarterback challenges DEATH to a football game using old time, passed on players and finds redemption along the way. If interested in loglines read on for a whole lot more information me my films and the screenplays; SEVEN WITNESSES : Two Detectives must investigate the murder of a young girl. The only witness and ultimate hero, is an ex-cop that frustrates and confounds the detectives with his fits of rage, sneezing episodes, shy demurrals, and doctorly advice. The detectives soon find out that due to a tragedy in which his young son accidentally shot himself with the ex-cops service revolver, he suffers from a severe multiple personality disorder, all the personality traits of all seven dwarfs. The SEVEN WITNESSES full script was covered by SCRIPT PIPELINE INTO MOTION PICTURES, a script coverage service, and received a "RECOMMEND" grade. I have just completed a short film of the same name which is a variation of an excerpt from the full script. SEVEN WITNESSES short screenplay was just awarded an, "Honorable Mention" in The American Screen Gems Short Screenplay Competition. Think SEVEN meets PRIMAL FEAR. Death can be defeated at a game of chess, but what about football? In ON A FIELD OF LEGENDS that's exactly what down-on-his-luck ex-superstar Sammy Balle has to do in order to save his niece from a terminal injury and himself from self-destruction. ON A FIELD OF LEGENDS: When Sammy is gravely injured on the final play of the big game his chances of going pro are as shattered as his body. While wallowing in self-pity and contemplating what could have been, he finds redemption when his niece is injured and becomes comatose. Death comes to take her away and Sammy challenges him to a football game for her life. Sammy must now research old time, passed on players for his team with the help of an elderly football "guru". Nitschke, Hornung, Hutson, and Walter Payton return to the pigskin to turn the tide of the game for the game that ensues is not at all what Sammy had in mind as he must overcome Death's hidden clauses and tricks. But Death turns out not to be Death at all, but something wonderful and uplifting -- a chance for Sammy to turn his life around. IN A ONE TIME FOOTBALL GAME WHERE THE STAKES ARE LIFE AND DEATH ITSELF, YOU WILL NOT NEED PLAYERS, YOU WILL NEED LEGENDS. ON A FIELD OF LEGENDS (originally titled HEROES) was a winner at Telluride Indiefest, and received a staged reading at The Westchester Film Festival. Jaret Payton, son of the late, great Walter Payton has read the script and loved it. Fern Ingber, President of The Walter Payton Cancer Research Fund has sent me a letter expressing his kudos on the script and thanking me for portraying Walter in such a great way. Has been called, FIELD OF DREAMS meets IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. Markets and core audiences; Football, family, Christmas. ESPN is even doing original films now, and 96 million people watched the Super Bowl!! My short film "Checkmate", which was screened at Telluride Indiefest, was a finalist at The Westchester Film Festival and is up for Best Short Film at The Back East Picture Show Film Festival (April 25-28). " Checkmate" is an excerpt of a full length script as are my other short films. I have studied at St John's University and The Gotham Writer's Workshop. I have numerous full-length scripts finished (Some award winners) and 3 short films. I am also a published poet. SAG AFTRA, lead actor in most of my films. These are reviews of ON A FIELD OF LEGENDS ( HEROES) from Project Greenlight, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's competition. Unfortunately the script was a bit too high a budget to win. The script has been rewritten numerous times since. Review 1 : I think that the football game is amazing and that the characters have merit. Give them more to play with so they have better dialogue and we get to see more sides of them Interesting/Creative plot. Nice touches of comedy-internet reference and shotgun reference. The guy knows his football. Review 2 : I thought when I first started to read the script that it was going to be, "just another football movie". But it's not! I was really entertained by the whole football game, and It kept me guessing as to who was going to run out onto the field next. I thought the movie at first was a little slow, but as it went on I really began to enjoy it. I love sports movies, and was impressed by the overall contents of the film. Review 3 : I just loved this idea. I hope the author works hard on the rewrite and gives the characters a little more depth and gives certain scenes (like Payton coming out and Sam meeting his team) more time to develop and hook the audience. Give more detail and meat to the relationship with his father and that scene could be a real winner. Review 4 : I LOVED IT! I had to be honest and give it strikes where I thought it deserved them (dialogue and some sub plot) but the story/concept was EXCELLENT! I'm going to recommend strictly based on idea and I hope the re-write helps the movie reach it's potential. The idea was great, the part with Payton was great, the part with Sam's Dad was great, the delayed introduction of the players was great. I would love to see this on the screen. I hope my comments are taken into consideration, bearing in mind that I love the script and would just suggest the following things be done that I think would make this movie go from a TV movie of the week to a real big screen hit. Best Regards, Nicky Julius

By Andrew Tupper/ {PAGING DR. LONG} Joe Wreck, ex-lead singer of the boy band "Crush", emerges from his self-imposed exile away from the music scene. His improbable quest: to re-invent himself with a new rock band - Cyclops and the Penetrators. Ten years earlier his nervous breakdown began, triggered when an obsessed fan shot him on the same night his ex-wife had left him for a "bigger" man. Since then, he's been fixated on his male insecurities and has gone through numerous therapists in an attempt to regain his lost confidence and, in effect, his life. Dr. Julia Monk is his latest therapist; she works with him daily and is responsible for his recent progress. Ultra-conservative and always in control, she's suddenly faced with her own nervous sexual tension when her feelings for Joe change from professional to personal. She finds solace with her complete opposite, the gregarious Dr. Gloria Long. The aptly named Dr. Long is the surgeon-to-the-stars that Joe desperately wants to perform his penis enlargement surgery. Scottish Stan, long-time friend and head roadie for Joe's comeback tour, is stereotypically Scottish with a twist - he's the bastard son of Sean Connery and the creator of the "Scottish Ninja Roadies" movement. His passion for rock and roll, combined with drunken Scottish bravado, Ninja training and the love of soccer, puts him over the top. Eddie Dahl, Joe's plotting business manager has all the charms of a used car salesman coming off a three-day bender. He's bent on revenge because Joe wouldn't continue with "Crush" after the shooting. When fate pushes Sheila Ross into his lap, he has the ideal weapon to ruin Joe and gain control of his finances. Sheila is the perfect patsy, an easy mark. Sheila Ross is a troubled woman - a convicted stalker with a gun obsession, who's just attended her last anger management class. Guns have phallic meaning to her and she likes big guns. Armed with medication and years of therapy, she's deemed well enough to function in society. Without them, Sheila reverts to her old self and quickly becomes too hot to handle as Eddie fuels her inner rage. Eddie's plan removes Dr. Monk and sets Joe up for a take down. A master at manipulation, he seduces Sheila with promises of raunchy sex and a share of Joe's money. In Sheila, he's got the perfect weapon to push Joe towards another breakdown or maybe even suicide. Better yet, he has a partner that'll take the fall while he keeps the spoils for himself.
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