Ashling's Fellowship of The Ring Haven
My bestest friend in the whole wide world's site. Its really awesome and I mean awesome! Check it out!

A site with Character bio, cast bio, and lots of cool pictures!

Elijah the Ringbearer
Lots of stuff about the hottie Elijah and lots of cool information about LOTR

The Elijah, Billy, Sean, Dom, and Orlando Appreciation Site
An awesome site with bio, pictures, etc about all of the guys listed in the link

The Lord of the Rings Fansite
Includes, cast and character bio, great pictures and more

Lord of The Archer
A site about Legolas/Orlando Bloom + it also contains other LOTR cast bio and lots more

Hey! Im Insane!
An amazing site dedicated to the actor Elijah Wood who plays Frodo in LOTR

Lord of the Rings Loverz
A site all about Lord of the Rings made by two amazing fans

Beatrice's Hobbit Hole
A very fun site made by my fellow hobbit friend Beatrice dedicated to Lord Of the Rings. With biography, facts, fun contests, and more

The Grey Havens
A brilliant site with cast bio, charcater info, pictures and more!

Man of Gondor
The best Boromir site ever! With everything! (and I mean everything) you could possible need to know about him!

Lithe Days Middle Earth Information
A incredible site with Info about Middle Earth

Oh Boyd
My friend Emily's (from the fellowship of Billy) site that is dedicated to hmm..Billy....Billy.... and Billy! Yay =)

Belladonna Foxbur of Loamsdown Hobbit hole
A fellow hobbithole with character info, cast bio, wallpapers, links and more!

Pippin's Playground
An awesome site dedicated to Lord of the Ring's Pippin. With lots of fun stuff do!

The realm of Hallamereth, the webmasters imaginary Wood-elf. This site contains tons of cool stuff! Like movie info, polls, links, pictures,poetry and more...
A Lord of the Rings site with lots of cool things to see!

Elves and Vampires Unlimited
Even though vampires arent in LotR. Elves are! So check out this site! Its really cool!

A unique site about the elves of middle earth. With photo galleries, actor bio, character info, and much more!

Lord of the Rings Fansite
An awesome site with everything Lord of the Rings

The Tookish Pippin Fansite
A site dedicated to Peregrin Took. That includes tons of fun things to do. With character bio, captions, fanart, and much more! Check it out I say!

Blakes Sanctum - Lord Of The Rings Movie Pics
Tons and Tons of movie pics!

The Realm of Fantasy
Final Fantasy, Anime, and LotR! Fanart and more! Its awesome! Check it out today! ^__^

Anniversary a "Lord of the Rings"-fanfiction
A LotR fanficiton page it's basicly a slash and fanfiction page but there is some other things on it too.

The Lord of The Rings Boutique
A great LotR site with great pics, J.R.R. Tolkien info, and much much more!

Angry Elf
A funny site. A great spoof. Very creative and lots of cool stuff to look at!

Camarila's Lord of the Rings Images Galleries

A very great site. Nicely run with alot of images! yay!

Turn of the Tide Wallpapers
Images to stir your imagination...With tons of great wallpapers!

Horn of Gondor
A great LotR site dedicated to Lord of the Rings and especially Boromir

Arwen Undomiel
A great fansite with polls, wallpaper, photo galleries, buddy icons, and more!

Laugh of the Rings - A LotR Humor Site
A really funny lotr humor site. Stop by there for a laugh

Lord of the Rings Section
A brand new site dedicated to lotr

King of Mirkwood
A Great site! Legolasiscious =) wow im running out of descriptions

A Hp and Lotr fansite that hosts fanfic and fanart and if that is what your into. Definately check out this site! It has a much better collection of fan stuff than I do.