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"Merry and Pippin recount their daring exploits of their adventtures in the girl's locker room."

The Mouth of Sauron:
"Uranium: Use with caution! COuld result in lose of brain cells. "

Pippin: "Hey, Merry! Its gandalf!, look at him, hes on the floor. HEE HEE HEE, (whispers) probably a little too much to drink"
Merry: "ha....ha......yea pippin i think YOU are the one who's had a little too much to drink, since gandalf doesnt even come to the Green Dragon....but to spare your feelings im just gonna laugh along with you.....HAHAHA"

Pippin:Did you see it? It was huge!
Merry:Of course i saw it. It was gigantic!
Pippin:It was obtuse!
Merry:Why, it was bigger than you!
Pippin:Lucky gandalf came along with that fly-swatter.
*as the mosquitoe begins to buzz again, both eye it and scream*

Puffy Cheese:
Pippin:"I told you, Merry, if Gandalf happens to be wearing briefs, wedgies will work on him too!"

Eve Leomas
"Merry and Pippin scream in horror when they realize that Pippin's man scarf is not real cashmere, but a cheap Walmart knock-off"

How long do you reckon before someone tells us to close our mouths?

Lady perfect elf hair:
Merry: Pippin watch out!!!!
Pippin: what? OOOFF! *falls of the table where he was dancing with a pint of beer. beer flies across the room smashing on the head of a Sauroman*
Both: RUN!!!!!!!!!

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