Lord of The Rings ~ Unofficial Fansite

Lord of The Rings ~ Unofficial Fansite

Hello and Welcome to Lothlorien (I know its not as pretty as Lothlorien but bear with me) My name is Mary and im webmaster of this fansite. I hope you enjoy your stay. All comments, suggestions, and submissions are welcome. Email me at zestydreamer@yahoo.com Fans really matter at this site so Id love to hear from you! Please sign the gbook on the way out and come back soon because Im constantly editing!

February 20th 2006 - Happy Presidents Day! I added some my own claims and a new caption to the contest.

The Movie:

  • Cast
    Includes bio, pictures etc...
  • Pictures
    Pictures from the movie
  • Links
    Links to other LOTR sites

    The Books:

  • About The Books
    The main ideas of the books
  • Poetry
    Includes The poetry and songs from the books
  • Artist's Visions
    Artist's beautiful artwork on LOTR


  • Fanfiction
    Stories and poetry made by the fans. Submit your own and read others
  • Monthly Poll
    Tell me what you think by answering a LOTR question in this poll.
  • Hobbit Humor
    Jokes, funnies, captions etc! A little place to make fun of the fellowship =)
  • Caption Contest
    Create a caption to go along with the picture =)
  • My Own...
    A fun little game in which you claim a character's something
  • Fanart
    Fan's lord of the Rings artwork. View others and submit your own
  • The Unofficial Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Forum
    Talk about Lord of the Rings and if you like it Harry Potter! Have fun!


  • Link Me
    Link me? Purty please?
  • Adoptables
    My cute Lord of the Rings dolls and sprites I adopted
  • Cliques
    Cliques and Affiliates my site is in

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