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CHRIS MCKINLAY was born in December of 1982. Since then, Chris has not done much with his life. He met Justin Longoz in grade one, and the two of them pretty well ignored eachother until grade five or six (Justin was watching an old video of his nineth birthday party, and Chris was there... man that was a long time ago). I'm not entirely sure if the math from that last sentence works out, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that the two of them have teamed up to form a mighty duo of compatable genius, ready to mind-fuck the world with amazing music videos and short films. It has been said that Chris and Justin have enough ego to fill seven dixie cups every second for the next eight years. And since we all know the famous Film-Ego math equation (Ego=Success), Chris and Justin should prove to be on the road to stardom as soon as they get out of the classroom and wait a bit because it is really hard to make it in today's world.

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Sat. May 1st - 1st day of shooting for RBTV

Sun. May 2nd - last day of shooting for RBTV

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