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X-Men Music Videos

Welcome to Loganrogueshipper's X-Men Music Video Site. This is my new, improved, and promised to never move again site (it has moved four times now, SORRY!). This is the stripped-down version, which is purely videos that require NO DOWNLOADING! Enjoy!

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Everything Burns - Rogue's world is burning around her (artist: Ben Moody Featuring Annastasia)

100 Years - Even mutants have only 100 years to live; group (artist: Five for Fighting)

A Thousand Miles - A telling of Logan and Rogue's story, through Rogue's eyes; Logan/Rogue (artist: Vanessa Carlton)

Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Showing Logan and Rogue's journeys, with Logan asking that all-important question; Logan/Rogue (artist: Jet)

Be As - Be anything you want to be; group (artist: Prozzak)

Breaking the Habit - Logan's finally breaking the habit; Logan (artist: Linkin Park)

Breathe - "I can feel the magic floating in the air, being with you gets me that way"; Logan/Rogue (artist: Faith Hill)

Build A Bridge - Another telling of Logan and Rogue's story; Logan/Rogue (artist: Limp Bizkit)

Broken - Their love has left them broken; Logan/Rogue (artist: Seether featuring Amy Lee)

Building a Mystery - Basically a description of Logan's travels; some Logan/Rogue (artist: Sarah McLachlan)

Click Click Boom - X-men kicking ass; group; some Logan/Rogue (artist: Saliva)

The Duel - It was only a matter of time before it came to this; Logan vs Scott (artist: Charlie Daniels Band)

Everytime - "Everytime I see you in my dreams, I see your face, your haunting me, I guess I need you, baby"; Logan/Rogue (artist: Britney Spears)

Figured You Out - Logan has them all figured out; Logan/Rogue; Logan/Jean (artist: Nickelback)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - A look at the x-WOMEN; group (artist: Cyndi Lauper)

Going Under - Rogue's going under; Logan/Rogue; Rogue/Bobby (artist: Evanescence)

Goodnight Sweet Girl - After everything that has happened, Logan still loves Rogue; Logan/Rogue (artist: Ghost of the Robot)

The Hamster Dance (X-Men Style) - A humorous look at the junior x-men; group (artist: unknown)

Hero - In this world, everyone needs a hero; group; some Logan/Rogue (artist: Chad Kroeger)

Hey Mickey - A look at the x-MEN; group (artist: B*Witched)

Hooker - Rogue is jealous of Jean; Logan/Jean; Logan/Rogue; Rogue/Bobby; (artist: Pink, course language)

How Could This Happen To Me - How could this happen to Logan and Rogue?; Logan/Rogue (artist: Simple Plan) Created By: RJ Boo

I'm The Only One - Rogue's the only one who really cares for Logan; Logan/Rogue (artist: Melissa Etheridge)

In The End - "In the end, it doesn't even matter"; group (artist: Linkin Park)

Iris - "I just want you to know who I am"; Logan/Rogue (artist: Goo Goo Dolls)

It's Been A While - It's been a while since Logan has treated Rogue right; Logan/Rogue (artist: Staind, coarse language)

Let Her Cry - He loves her, so he'll let her; Logan/Rogue (artist: Hootie and the Blowfish)

Like a Feather - Rogue feels like a feather; Rogue (artist: Nikki Costa)

Love Has No Pride - They would give anything to see each other again; Logan/Rogue (artist: Bonnie Raitt)

Love Song - Rogue's love song; Logan/Rogue (artist: Pink)

Mustang Sally - All Rogue wants to do is ride around (ride, Rogue, ride!); Logan/Rogue; Rogue/Bobby (artist: CCR)

My Heart Will Go On - Loagn realizes he's lost Rogue, and his heart must go on; Logan/Rogue; Rogue/Bobby (artist: Celine Dion)

My Immortal - My first video (it's really a slideshow); a look at Logan and Rogue's relationship, be it friendship or otherwise; Logan/Rogue (artist: Evanescence)

Numb - Logan and Rogue have made each other numb; Logan/Rogue (artist: Linkin Park)

The Real Wolverine - A quick funny vid; Wolverine finds out who he really is, and its not what he was expecting; Logan (artist: None)

Save Yourself - Bobby admires Rogue for one reason; Rogue/Bobby; anti-Logan/Rogue (artist: Sense Field)

Scared - Logan and Rogue are scared; Logan/Rogue (artist: Three Days Grace)

She Hates Me - Logan realizes something about Jean; Logan/Jean (artist: Puddle of Mudd, course language)

She Loves Me Not - Jean's games have Logan and Scott confused; Logan/Jean; Jean/Scott (artist: Papa Roach)

Slither - Jean has them under her finger; Logan/Jean; Jean/Scott (artist: Velvet Revolver)

Someday - Logan returns to find Rogue had gotten tired of waiting, can he make it alright before its too late? Logan/Rogue; Rogue/Bobby; Logan/Jean (artist: Nickelback)

Standing Still - Does Logan feel for Rogue what she feels for him, or is she standing still; Logan/Rogue (artist: Jewel)

Stupid - Rogue knows she shouldn't be with Logan, but still wants to; Logan/Rogue (artist: Sarah McLaughlin)

Superman - It's not easy to be him; Nightcrawler; Nightcrawler/Storm (artist: Five for Fighting)

Time Is Running Out - Rogue's time is running out; Logan/Rogue (artist: Muse) Created By: RJ Boo

Time Of Our Lives - All of us are hurting, all of us are dreaming, all of us are watching these time of our lives; group (artist: David Usher)

Tubthumpin (We Get Knocked Down) - Nothing can keep the x-men down; group (artist: Chumba Wumba)

Waiting For Love - Rogue's waiting; Logan/Rogue (artist: Pink)

We Will Rock You - The x-men really do rock; group (artist: Queen)

We're Not Gonna Take It - They're not gonna take it anymore; group (artist: Twisted Sister)

When I'm Gone - Their love will last forever, even when he's gone; Logan/Rogue (artist: 3 Doors Down)

When The Stars Go Blue - "I'll follow you when the stars go blue"; Logan/Rogue (artist: Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hilton) Created By: RJ Boo

Whiskey Lullaby - Their love has torn them apart, with deadly consequences; Logan/Rogue (artist: Brad Paisley ft. Alison Krauss)

White Flag - No matter what happens, they will wave no white flags; Logan/Rogue (artist: Dido)

Why Don't You And I - A look at the X-Men couples, and who should get together; Nightcrawler/Storm; Logan/Rogue; Jean/Scott (artist: Santana ft. Chad Kroeger)

Wild - Rogue's gone wild; Logan/Rogue (artist: Poe)

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Be Like That - Logan wants to be like someone else; Bobby/Rogue; Logan/Rogue (artist: 3 Doors Down)

Behind Blue Eyes - No one knows what it's like to be Wolverine, behind his blue (brown) eyes; Logan (artist: Limp Bizkit)

Breaking Down - The world is breaking down, and so are the x-men, but they will prevail; group (artist: Trapt)

Everybodies Got A Story - Every X-men has their own story; group (artist: Amanda Marshall)

Kryptonite - All about Storm and Nightcrawler's obvious attraction; Nightcrawler/Storm (artist: 3 Doors Down)

Made of Steel - Aside from what you think, Wolverine is not completely made of steel; Logan (artist: Trapt)

Open Your Eyes - Open your eyes because the x-men are here to stay; group (artist: Twelve Stones)

Somewhere Out There - The x-men will survive whatever's out there; group (artist: Our Lady Peace)

Stacy's Mom - Rogue is Stacy, Jean is her mom, Logan wants Stacy's mom; Logan/Rogue; Logan/Jean; (artist: Fountains of Wayne)

Still Waiting - The X-men are still waiting for freedom; group (artist: Sum 41)

Stories - the X-men are tired of all the false stories; group (artist: Trapt)

These Walls - These walls can't hold Rogue down; Rogue (artist: Trapt)

T.N.T - Logan kicking butt; Logan (artist: ACDC)

We Are The Champions - The X-men are the real champions; group (artist: Queen)

Your Disease - Senator Kelly is a disease that will not stop the x-men; group (artist: Our Lady Peace)

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I am not affiliated with Marvel, Brian Singer, Stan Lee, the X-Men or any of the actors in any way. I own copies of both movies and use them to create videos, but I do not distribute the entire films. If any laws are being broken they are accidental. This site is a labour of love, with feedback as the only reward. However, these videos are my work and anyone who tries to pass them off as their own will feel my wrath :-)