On December 15, 1927, William Edward Hickman entered a junior high school in Los Angeles and requested that Marion Parker, a twin, be allowed to accompany him to her sick father, Judge Perry Parker. When the school refused, Hickman stated that they should call the Judge for confirmation. Believing that Hickman was telling the truth, they allowed Marion to leave school with him.

The next day, Hickman sent the first of three ransom notes, demanding $1,500 in $20 gold certificates in exchange for Marion. When the ransom was delivered, Marion was in the automobile driven by Hickman. Down the block, the girl was pushed out of the car. It was then discovered that she had been murdered and her arms and legs had been completely severed from the body and were missing as were her internal organs.

Hickman, then dubbed the “Fox”, was soon captured out of state after spending some of the ransom money. He was returned to Los Angeles where he stood trial.

Edgar Rice Burroughs covered the trial as a reporter. This book contains facsimile copies of the articles as well as transcribed texts of the articles.

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