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Last Updated on 6-13-15

I have finished working on a location book on the 1950's ZIV television show "Highway Patrol". It is now available for sale at CP Entertainment Books.

Any locations found and not included in the book will be found on this web site. Some of the most recent finds were through the generous help of Gary Goltz.

The series lasted for 4 seasons of 39 episodes each for a total of 156 episodes. Each episode generally used multiple locations.

Each episode of the series was filmed in a maximum of 2 to 3 days--1 day in the studio and 1 to 2 days on location. Locations utilized in an episode tended to be near each other, but not always.

Each image below can be clicked on for a larger version.


Episode 24 Desert Copter

These buildings are located at the Littlerock Dam.

Episode 31 Blast Area Copter

This was the Al Kothe residence at 3200 N. Beachwood Dr, in Hollywood.

Episode 39 Christmas Story

This building is fire station no. 19 at 12229 W. Sunset Boulevard, a block west of the motel used in the episode.

Episode 51 Stolen Car Ring

This motel was located at 2812 Santa Monica Blvd.

Episode 57 Statue of Limitations

This ranch was located at 19467 Nordhoff St in the San Fernando Valley near Shirley Ave.

Episode 77 Hostage Copter

The House of O'Shea was located at 12040 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles.

Episode 85 The Sniper

This building was located at 623 N. La Peer Dr. in West Hollywood.

Episode 124 Portrait of Death

This was the Monterey Plaza motel at 10400 Wilshire Blvd.

Episode 126 Deadly Diamonds

This was the West Valley Hospital, 5333 Balboa, Encino.

Episode 127 Blood Money


The Emergency location was at the Van Nuys Medical Clinic, 7555 Van Nuys Blvd. The apartment building was located at 14630 Blythe St in Panorama City.

The following location was used in two episodes: #76 Hired Killer and #40 The Search. It was located at 21213 Devonshire St, Chatsworth. It is still there.



On page 143 of the book, Exposition Park section, the information on the Wallis Annenberg building back entrance is incorrect. The back entrance faces east. The driveway used to enter the lower portion of the building was actually on the north side.


Below are the locations I have not located. If you know where any of these locations were located, please let me know at the following email address: erbvillepress[AT]yahoo.com (just substitute the [AT] with @).

As locations are identified, they are removed from this ever changing web site.


Episode 3 Reckless Driving

Most of the episode shot in the Playa Del Rey and El Segundo sections of Los Angeles. Where was this building located?

Episode 8 Radioactive

This episode filmed in Culver City and Playa del Rey.

Episode 16 Mountain Copter

The building entrance in the left image, identified as 180, was first used in this episode. It became stock footage in other episodes. Where was the building located (at least we know the street number--180!)?


Episode 54 Migrant Workers

Most of the episode was shot around Mulholland Drive.

Episode 66 Officer's Wife

Some of the episode was shot on Canyon Drive in Los Angeles.

Episode 71 Gem Robbery

This looks so familiar to me (first 13 years of my life I lived near Hollywood Blvd and Vermont Ave). Where is it?


Episode 91 Double Death

This building was probably located on Hillhurst Ave. in Los Angeles. However, it doesn't appear to exist any more. Anyone know the address? Reminds me of a bar.

Episode 105 Policewoman


This sequence of shots appears to have been filmed in an area near downtown Los Angeles.


Episode 150 Auto Press

The Mobil gas station was across the street from a Los Angeles County Library.