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What the fuck is LCP your thinking? Read on....

It all started after watching the great Andreas Schnaas’s ZOMBIE 90 – Extreme Pestilence. A film so crap that it is amazing (especially the english dubbing). It inspired me so much that I realised that the prospect of making my very own film was easy. So on returning home for summer, I suggested to the Bridgnorth massive, that we make a zombie film. After 3 wasted months, huge quantities of cider downed and gallons of fake blood splattered where it could be splattered, Transvestite Zombies was made. It was after this that I thought how cool it would be to make films and after watching numerous Troma and other such films, Lo’ Cash Productions was born. I bought a cheap video camera and with help from my ever suffering housemates, multiple cans of beer and bottles of ale, Le Kieran, Death Part 1, A Kieran Calls and Crouching Ape Hidden Transvestite (which was finished just a few days ago) were made on a zero budget (well apart from the cost of the camera and my new video editing capable computer that is…) purely for the fun of it.

Unfortunately I now find doing this more fun and interesting then my geography degree, so ive decided to go on a hopefully do a course in digital filmmaking, particularly in the area of post production and editing. I'm already trying to get to grips with Avid Xpress Pro.  

I’m currently in the process of writing ‘To Kill a Kieran’ and ‘From the Woods’ (Transvestite Zombies 2). 'To Kill a Kieran' is gonna be a big one! not only is it gonna have a budget (gasp!!!) it has also had planning (normally Lo' Cash Films are improvised during filming!). I'm not gonna reveal the plot (yes a plot) but it features Kieran, Humpledinkie Crotchrot, Transvestite Ape and a deranged serial killer amongst others with as many bloody killings as you can shake a blood drenched chainsaw at!

And if your wondering what's the deal with Kieran, well he's based on the character of my old housemate Kieran (the southern scouser), he went home for the weekend at one point, and through utter boredom me and other fellow housemates built an effigy using an old Freddy Kruger mask. the result of this was 'Le Kieran'. and the characters been used ever since and is now the mascot of Lo' Cash Productions, so look out Mickey Mouse and the Toxic Avenger!!!!

Who knows what the future holds!!


The Films

Hello i’m Humpledinkie Crotchrot, president of Lo’ Cash Productions! Here are the great Lo’ Cash films currently made!!!! So I’m gonna go stick my dick in some mashed potato and watch some Lo’ Cash Production films!!!

Le Kieran

Secret hidden cameras film Kieran for a day! In his life anything is possible! Join him as he tries to have a crafty smoke before getting in trouble with his house mates!


Death Part 1

We filmed a serial killers day off from working at Big Yellow Storage! Let the blood flow!



A Kieran Calls

Uh-oh, we join Kieran again, only this time he is mistaken for someone else! The usual comic capering continues to the grand finale! But I ain’t gonna let that slip!



Attack of the Cross Dressing Cannibal Living Dead People

(a.k.a. Transvestite Zombies MK3)

What do you get when you mix bored students, beer and fake blood? Yes transvestite zombies. Fallout from a crashing UFO causes chaos for a bunch of punx stuck in the woods around Bridgnorth


Crouching Ape Hidden Transvestite

Introducing a new Lo' Cash Productions character, Transvestite Ape. When a wild killer ape is captured by a research lab, not everything goes to plan...



Here's some of the stars of Lo’ Cash Production Films.

Mark Powell - Drunken bum and twisted Troma fan. Brainchild of Lo’ Cash Productions. Wrote, directed and did special effects for all 4 Lo’ Cash films.

Kieran - Hopeless drunken misfit of Lo’ Cash Productions

Humpledinkie Crotchrot - President of Lo’ Cash Productions. Also a drunken bum, but also has a strange habits regarding mash potato.

Transvestite Ape - A wild killer ape, with a taste for the finest women's fashion.

Craig - Bullied into being an actor person and sometimes writer in Lo’ Cash Production films by Mark. But he loves it really!

Neil Hunter and Gordon Packer - Both star in Le Kieran, but have now left the house of Lo’ Cash. Gordon makes a reappearance in crouching Ape Hidden Transvestite.

And hopefully there’ll be some more stars in our next production!


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