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About Me
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All about me....

Well, not much to say really. My name is Mark Powell, I was born and bred in Bridgnorth, until I left a couple years ago.. I'm on my third year at Brighton university studying BA Geography. No I don't look at maps or study rocks I do stuff on like environmental planning and GIS which is much more interesting.... Hopefully afterwards I want to go on and do a course in digital filmmaking. In fact I enjoy making films, last year some friends and I shot the amazing blockbuster 'Attack of the Transvestite Zombies', and I have made some short films that passed the time when I should have been revising, but I had fun making them (and gave me the chance to kill people amusingly). Check out the Lo' Cash Productions bit of this site!

I like going to concerts, which is quite handy, cos Brighton has shit loads of punk, hardcore, ska concerts every week. And I can jump on the train and be in London in about an hour which is useful to. I've been quite lucky and managed most of my favourite bands live.

I'm a vegetarian and have been for almost 3 years. No real reason why, but I do believe that animals have the right to live free from human exploitation in the name of profit or entertainment. I'm not very political, but I'm not a fan of global capitalism and its greedy clutch on our wonderful earth. I guess I'm more of a tree hugger.

I've had a mountain bike for several years, but recently purchased a BMX, which I am finding much more fun then my mtb, when I can be arsed and its not raining.

Unfortunately i'm addicted to the ink. I have spent way to much money on tattoos, but they are cool and I've gotta try and save for my next one. Check out some pictures in the photo gallery. ive also got my septum pierced, fucking hurt too!!!

I am fond of the old tipple once in while. Real ales are the way to go (mmmmmm hobgoblin), but ciders and strong lagers also do the job.

Music - choking victim, leftover crack, no cash, morning glory, no commercial value, toxic narcotic, Molotov cocktail, f-minus, rancid, mouthwash, nofx, agnostic front, anti-flag, casualties, exploited, oi polloi, black flag, mdc, lard, circle jerks, doa, bad brains, sick on the bus, varukers, total chaos, suicidal tendencies, dead Kennedy's, vision of disorder, hatebreed, sex pistols, sham 69, madness, the specials, skoidats, voodoo glow skulls, beastie boys, operation ivy, sick of it all, mc hammer, etc.

Films - anything that is not from Hollywood, so most Troma films (especially toxic avenger, terror firmer), any film with zombies (night/dawn/day of the dead, zombie flesh eaters, return of the living dead, evil dead, redneck zombies, zombie 90), bad taste, violent shit, cannibal the musical, orgazmo, dog soldiers etc.

TV. - there is a lot of shit on TV, but I'm still a fan of shitty soaps like neighbours and eastenders. Any British sitcom rules especially blackadder, Alan Partridge, spaced etc. Spoof mockumentaries like the day today and brasseye and cartons like south park, 2DTV, family guy and Simpson's are also quite good.

Books - read these!

All I need to know about filmmaking i learned from the toxic avenger - Lloyd Kaufman (ISBN - 0-425-16357-1)

Make your own damn movie - Lloyd Kaufman (ISBN - 0-312-28864-6)

Special effects make up - Janus Vinther (ISBN - 0-7136-6747-8)

Zombie - Allan Bryce (ISBN - 0-9533261-2-8)


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