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My FF8 Trading Cards for Trade or Sale


I no longer need cards to complete my collection, however I'll still accept "restricted" trades and sales of my cards. Please keep in mind that I'm only doing this as a service to those who wish to complete their collections, so *READ THE RULES ON BOTH THE TRADING AND SALES PAGES* (since I will adhere to them).


1/06/2005: My email account closed about 2-3 months ago. However, I didn't get a chance to update the site until now. If you were trying to get a hold of me during that time, I appologize for not receiving your query. Email me at Thanks.

10/21/2003: The sales page is now *OFFICIALLY CLOSED*, since those particular cards have been sold. However there is no need to be concerned about the trading page. That is still up and running, so feel free to stop by and take a look at it.

5/19/2003: My new job seems to be quite the time snatcher, so I can only do page updates on the weekends (provided I don't get called in during the weekends). But I will still try to send out replies in a timely manner. My appologies for any inconvenience.

1/9/2003: It seems that has been mucking around with their banner ads, and consequently, they're using JavaScripts which conflict with my own. I won't be able to rewrite my scripts until much later, so just keep that in mind if you come across a bunch of links which don't seem to work.

12/17/2002: I will be on vacation beginning [12/21]. If you need to get in touch with me, please do so before then. Otherwise, you will have to wait until I get back, which would be sometime after the New Year.

9/15/2002: I have recently added a grading guide, and I'm hoping people will refer to it when describing card condition to me. The grading charts are located on the trading page, since it's the only place card condition will be an issue.

9/05/2002: Made a few cosmetic changes around here. Hopefully, it's more "navagatable" (if such a word exists).

7/15/2002: I'm currently experiencing some email problems. Also, the problem may have originated a month ago, and I have not been aware of it until recently. If you were trying to get a hold of me during that time, I appologize for not receiving your query. In the meantime, email me at until I can figure out this mess. Thanks.

3/10/2002: In response to some emails I've been getting about my rare cards, I've decided to put up a feedback page. If you have opinions about the transaction rules of those rare cards, please feel free to leave them on the feedback page.

2/15/2002: I've put up some card auctions which will end sometime by [2/24]. These will probably be the only cards I'll be auctioning off, so check them out while you still can.

2/03/2002: The sales page should be up now. However, I'm still working on getting some rare cards auctioned off. So, you'll need to be patient with that.

1/14/2002: I know I've been rather slow in constructing the sales page, but my computer has been down for the past few weeks, so it may take a while. My appologies.

12/10/2001: I'll be accepting inquires now.

12/03/2001: I'll be making some changes with how I'll be handling the trading and buying of these cards. So I'm going to temporarily put a *HOLD ON ALL INCOMING INQUIRIES* until further notice. (Don't worry. I don't expect to be down for long.)

10/24/2001: Well, I'm back in town. I'll be answering email now.

9/18/2001: As of 9/15/2001, I am currently out of town and won't be back until 10/20/2001. If you would like to make a trade, please wait until I get back.


This may not seem like a spiffy trading post, especially with the lack of pictures, colors, and card variety. But I should hope that those shortcomings do not undermine the service which I'm trying to provide, especially with a card series that seems to be in high demand.

If you are wondering which card series I'm strictly dealing with, I will try to describe it as much as I can down below:

Final Fantasy VIII Official Card Game & Perfect Visual Collection
Published by: Carddass Masters
Distributed by: Bandai
© 1999 Square

A complete set is 182 cards that consist of:

72 Perfect Visual Collection Cards consisting of:
9 Title Cards
18 Illustrated Gallery Cards
18 Character File Cards
9 Mechanic File Cards
18 Scene Cards
... and 110 Official Triple Triad Game Cards

Hope that clears things up. Now, onward to the important stuff. Things are broken down to the following pages:

I provide a feedback page if you have opinions about how I'm running things here. Feel free to use it if you like.

I believe there's not much else to cover, so I'll conclude my welcoming paragraph here. Hope you find what you need here.

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