Thushari Jay -May 2017

An interview with Film Courage

Don't Trust Her

New Release 2/13/2012

Audiobook: Love Marriage-A Novel

sample at Audible Inc.


Look for her in these projects:

-Hated Moderate, Live Jelly

-Jelly Jam  Live Jelly 

Arrested Development - Netflix Reboot Episode 3

-Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, ABC/Fox/Nanatchka. Khan, Jeff Morton, David Hemingson, Jason Winer

-Outsourced  NBC/Universal/Ken Kwapis/Victor Nelli, Robert Borden
-Oy Vey  Queens of Waban/Sarah Usmen

-Red Princess Blues  Enigma Factory/Alex Ferrari

-the Next Arrested Development  Netflix/Fox


Secret Lives of Dorks Salome Breziner/Steven J. Wolf/Stephen Israel

Man Without A Head, Johnny Roc

Mr. Sophistication, Mr. Smoothie Productions/Danny Green

the Extra, The Visitor from Planet Omicron, Elusive Entertainment

Series 2013

Moonbound 24, Dough Boy Films

Outsourced, the 1st East-Indian-American sitcom, premiered on NBC (NBCUNI) in September of 2010.It aired for 22 episodes.  In 2012 Outsourced aired on Zee Cafe TV in India and can be also found on Netflix, Hulu & the DVD is on the shelves of some fine stores.