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Soul Circle experimental script: “Welcome to the afterlife…soon.”


The stage is blacked out except for a soft white light that shines from directly above creating a circle of light surrounded by shadows.  In the middle of the circle is Edgar, at one point on the edge is an ordinary looking door without a wall to accompany it, the rest of the circumference is occupied with people from his life (the chorus) half in the circle and half in shadow.


Edgar looks around uncertainly for a few seconds, then from opposite sides of the circle come the advocate and the accuser they walk about half way in then stop


Adv: hello Edgar.


Ed: where am I?


Acc: you are in the place between life and eternity, this is the inside of your soul, this is death.


Edgar: who are you?


Adv: we are you, seeing yourself


Acc: when you look in the mirror, we are what you see grinning back


Edgar: wha…


Acc: that’s not important right now!


Adv: we are here to fulfill a very specific purpose; we have to find out who you really are and where you belong


Ed: how did…


Acc: Not important!


Adv: I don’t know how to tell this to you Edgar…


Acc: your dead.


Ed: oh, how did I die?


Acc: well…


Adv: that’s not important right now!