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Neon Leviticus Evangelion

Episode: 1




            …flashes. A nervous young boy with brown hair. A girl with light blue hair and red eyes, no emotion. Another boy, taller and with a look of self-assured arrogance. A boy again, shorter, wild haired and confident. A woman of about 30 with dark blue hair and beside her a handsome man with a kind look on his face. A young brown-haired girl with a blushing smile.




            …beasts. Demons. A giant, red, four eyes and three jaws. Beside it a blue monster with a horn and another with a round dome atop its forehead. A pair of legs dangles from the ceiling in the eyes of a little girl. A metal throne saturated in the coppery stench of blood. A broken and beaten doll hanging from a noose with red hair.


“don’t kill me mama… STOP RAPING MY MIND!”


            …a pack of white vultures tears at your helpless body… you feel yourself being torn asunder…a scream of agony


“I want you to die…I want you to die…I want you to die…I want you to die…I want you to die…I want you to die…I WANT YOU TO DIE!!!”



Asuka Langley Soroyu opened her eyes just as the sobbing form of Shinji Ikari collapsed on top of her. She looked down at him.




Then she noticed the dull ache as bruises began to form on her neck, and she realized that he had been trying to strangle her.


“Idiot, if you were going to try kill me you should have done it”


She pushed him off of her and sat up, brushing aside a filthy strand of her long red hair as it drifted in the way of her eye. She surveyed the scene around her. They where on the far shore of the lake, across the other side of the water was Tokyo 3 complete with pillars of smoke rising. The geofront, it seemed had been fairly trashed but the area containing the apartment where she lived along with Misato, Idiot-boy, and Pen Pen seemed to be ok, along with their school district. It seemed lucky as most other districts were in rubble and NERV HQ was a wreck.


“What a mess, what a big fucking mess…”


“Pity isn’t it?”


Asuka spun her torso around from her sitting position to see a warmly smiling Kouru perched upon the rocks behind her with one arm he supported a barely conscious Rei, in the other hand he clutched a shattered harmonica. Both seem to have just found their clothes on the street as they are tattered and ripped, and ill fitting.


“Oh well, I was planning on taking up piano more anyhow…”


“You’re supposed to be dead.” She stated, and then looked at Rei, “and you’re late.”


Rei struggled and managed to summon enough strength to return the look and reply.


“Late for what?”


And Asuka realized that she couldn’t remember either…



the screen is blank. A boy’s voice speaks: it is tired, and emotionless


“what?…what is this?…what am I?”


A vertical white line appears down the screen, and dances to the same voice only with a colder tone…




“How can that be? If I am self aware then surely I must exist”


a shillohette of a figure nailed to a cross with a lance protruding from its chest


“…self awareness is not complete without something to relate to, a basis for self, the self has split in order to be reborn imperfect, but unlike the old self, the new self has nothing with which to relate to… so it does not truly exist”


“something to relate to…”


young shinji appears but he speaks with the same cold voice…


“Identity is the comparison of the two parts of the self: the self as it perceives itself and the self as perceived by others.”




rei. Same voice.


“yes, those are bonds”


Misato’s apartment.  Misato is on the phone, asuka is at the table eating instant ramen with gusto, Shinji sits across the table with his eyes cast downwards listening to his SDAT player. Kaoru, wearing new clothes presumably borrowed from shinji, is leaning on the wall watching them with his usual smile on his face. Rei comes out of asuka’s room still putting on a school dress belonging to asuka, as shinji notices the not quite dressed girl he blushes and stares until he is hit in the face by a glob of asuka’s noodles.




Misato puts down the phone and turns to the others. She watches as Asuka picks on the rest of the individuals in the room between mouthfuls of ramen.


“You’d better be grateful I lent you that wonder girl and you’d better not get any dirt or anything on it, I don’t want to have to do any extra work because of you so don’t get it stained!”


“Thank you.” Rei replied evenly


“And you!” asuka turned on kaoru. “I want to know what you’re story is.  Weren’t you supposed to have been the last angel who attacked nerve from the inside using MY eva and then got killed by shinji?”


“That was Tabris.”


“It’s true,” Misato cut in, “according to the vice-commander the form of kaoru nagesewa was taken by the angel, tabris, in order to infiltrate nerve headquarters. Now I have a lot of work to do cleaning up this mess, the orders for you four are to determine the condition of Rei and Kaoru’s apartments.”


“In other words you want to get us out of the way,” accused asuka.

“That’s o.k.,” she chirped. “come on shinji!”


She whacked shinji over the head, knocking his earphones out, he simply rose submissively and followed her out the door along with Rei and Kaoru.