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Large ARG's and King KNG's Film Production Agency

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LARGE ARG's and KING KNG's Film Production Agency was started in 2001 by two brothers, Ross Gore and Nash Gore in New York. They have created such short films as The Green Knight and A Short Sword Fight. They have worked with such stars as Richard Ross Esq. and Mave Connaught.

The scripts are written, the actors are chosen, the lines are memorized, even the scene locations are chosen.  Pretty much all of pre-production is finished for their next film, The Voyage of the Golden Cup, as well as the one scheduled for production after that, Side By Side.

LARGE ARG's and KING KNG's Film Production Agency has high hopes for the future. The pre-production of The Invisible Hero, Slapshot, Who Da Spy?, and Ninja Cop have just begun.  The films by the brothers get better and better each time, and will continue to, until they are the greatest.

Big things are coming for LARGE ARG's and KING KNG's Film Production Agency.  Three or more movies this year, and lots in the next few years. If you want to email us with anything, anything at all, you can do so at
If you're interested in seeing our films-that's great, and definitely possible.

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