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Arts & Entertainment

Internet Movie Database
The Internet Movie Database is, in my mind, the premier website about film, TV, and video. Whenever searching for info on a particular show or film, provides most of the relevant details surrounding the production and distribution. A terrific source for finding past resumes on any actor, crew member, or company. A must for any media lover.

Calendar Live
The Los Angeles Times' Calendar section features the area's Arts and Entertainment news and information. This direct link will bypass the regular Times website. Look for movie showtimes, the latest Hollywood tidbits, as well as access to useful information about local entertainment venues (directions, box office, maps, etc.).

Movie Scripts & Screenplay Links
If you are ever searching for a particular film script, this website is the perfect solution. A links page with a small search engine, you have the opportunity to check several sites to find what you need. Also, some websites offer film transcripts, TV scripts and transcripts, as well as stage plays and musical librettos.

Trailers (on Apple)
If you have Quicktime, this is the perfect site to look for the latest Studio movie trailers. A comprehensive list of the major and independent films are provided, as well as links to each of their official webpages.

TV Guide
Access TV Guide's web page for the latest TV news and in-depth articles. The most useful feature is the personalized TV listings for any place in the country.

Playbill, known on Broadway as the ultimate source of theater news, is just as important as a online site. Providing the latest updates in casting, production, and touring companies, has the pulse on the world of the stage. Look for the "Theatre Central" page within the site as a fantastic source for everything you need to know about theatre. Links for professionals and fanatics alike, there is a comprehensive lists of official and unofficial individual show sites.


Off To Hawai'i

AlohaWorld is the ultimate destination of links about Hawai'i for Southern Californians. Sections about Hawaiian events in the area and links for Hawaiian businesses are easy to access and useful. The greatest section featured on the site is "The Plate Lunch Connection" (aka "One Scoop Mac, Two Scoops Rice"), which has a comprehensive list of Hawaiian or "Local" food eateries in the LA, San Diego, and Las Vegas areas, including submitted reviews.

Hawaiian Culture: The Hawaiian Home Page
Proclaimed as the "all-in-one Hawaiian culture reference page", this is an amazing site of everything Hawaiian. From radio broadcasts of Hawaiian music to handy links for research, and the latest Hawai'i news and weather coverage, this site has it all! It also features the latest, hip Hawaiian websites as well as related newsgroups and message boards. Like AlohaWorld, they provide info on all the new and upcoming events, but mostly for the Islands, not the Mainland.

Lilo & Stitch- Official Home Page
The official webpage about the movie, "Lilo & Stitch". Disney has two separate sections for Lilo and for Stitch. Lilo's bright "Aloha" section has games and other fun features, while Stitch's more "galactic" pages concentrate on all the movie info and downloads, including a cool profile on Experiment 626 himself. Warning: You need Flash to view the site.

Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry (Hawaiian Name Translator)
Royal Hawaiian Heritage sells mostly Hawaiian jewelry, but if you click on "Translate your Name to Hawaiian" on the main page, a new menu pops up and allows you to type in your name (or any English name) and then converts it into the Hawaiian translation. You may proceed to buy a traditional bracelet or ring with your new Hawaiian name on it and have fun pretending you're a real local. A fun tidbit: Most people without Hawaiian names, tend to get "Kui'ipo", which means "sweetheart".

Hilo Hattie
Hilo Hattie's is the first place to shop for Hawaiian goods. Whether you're looking for a brilliant new Aloha shirt or muumuu, or you want to stock up on a ready supply of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, this is the place to go. With many locations on the Islands and many more sprouting up on the Mainland, this site is a great introduction and a convienient way to shop online as well!

Hawaiian Music In Film
A great glossary list of historic movies featuring Hawaiian music. Mostly showcasing the old time films, many of these are treasures to be more closely looked at.


Fun Stuff

Disney DVD & Video: Movie Finder
A great place to see what else Disney has on video, besides "Lilo & Stitch". Many of my favorite classics (which happen to be Disney movies) can be found on here.

Laughing Place
The Laughing Place is one of the great Disney-phile sites online that showcases in depth articles and stories about all things Disney. A lot of attention is paid to the theme parks, with inside information, as well as a lot of pictures of new and sometimes advanced projects. Also, up-to-the-minute News links are provided for anything having to do with Disney, theme parks, film and TV developments, or anything that could be possibly be related.

Soundtracks Lyrics
As lyrics sites go, this one is a real gem, perhaps because it caters to one kind of musical genre and it's pretty impressive. Featuring film and TV soundtracks, as well as stage musical librettos, you are bound to find what you are looking for here!

Fun Trivia
If ever you have to pass a lot of time online, Fun Trivia is a great place to whittle the hours away. Almost every imaginable topic is covered here and the fun is showcasing how much you have stored in your brain! Plus, half the fun is becoming a member (it's FREE!) and writing your own Trivia game on whatever topic you wish! Recommendation: check out the film and TV sections for boundless areas of interest!

One of the largest personal online journal sites, here you have the opportunity to share your ideas with the world. Most journals are kept private and open to the author's close circle of friends, but once you join the network, you can bring friends of your own!

WireImage is the place to go for the newest photos that hit the street. Within an hour of a major event, they will have fresh pics up and available to buy or browse. A must for celebrity watchers, you can access all the hottest paparazzi photos within seconds! Warning: you must become a member to access the full-size versions of the available photos. You can, however, view thumbnails without signing up.


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