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Welcome to my page!

Are you a Keanu fan? (I assume you are, otherwise, why are you here?) Well, join the club! There's a great new Keanu club at Yahoo. Just click here!

Pre-Speed Movie Pictures
Post-Speed Movie Pictures
Keanu with long hair
Various pictures that I couldn't think of a category name for.

5/6 - Well, I finally got that Scans section up. It's small right now, but more is on the way!

3/18 - Yay! Spring break! I figure I'll take the advantage while I can. I've put up a new scheme and pictures are coming soon.

1/1 - Well I changed everything back. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!!

11/20 - I added 14 new links!
How does everyone like the Christmas theme? Just getting into the spirit of things!

11/16 - I put up pictures from Hamlet in the Post-Speed page.

11/7 - I added two new ones to the Long Hair page and two new ones to the Various page.

11/5 - I added a LOT to the Pre-Speed page. Check it out!

Any picture that you find here will most likely come from a site listed in my links page, so make sure you visit it if there's a certain picture (or type of picture) that I don't have that you want.

I labeled the pictures on the movie pages before-hand. If you see numbers that don't make sense it's because I'm not putting them all up at once or in order, but don't worry! They'll all get up there some day! Until then, enjoy what's here and feel free to use them on your own page. If you do, I only ask one favor (and no, you don't have to do it): please, pretty please link me on your site. I'd appreciate it!

If you ever find a dead link, have any problems with the pages or just wanna give me a pat on the back, then click on the feedback button below please! I'd love to hear from you!

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DISCLAIMER: After a series of e-mails from people who must think I am Keanu Reeves, I must inform everyone who comes here, that I am not the man himself, I do not know him and unfortunately probably never will. I just want to clear that up. I hope you can still enjoy my site! :-)