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Welcome to da Sexy page
Last updated 4/13/03

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3)Ma Famille
4)le monde de rachelle
5)Cool Stuff

What's New
   New Pictures!!!! and more on the fitness page.
   I just came up with thsi great idea!  The 
background of my main page can be the theme of each 
month!!! hehe... just send me the pictures u wish to 
post.  Who knows, your picture might be one of the 
themes of the month!!
   There is a New Add-on page coming soon.  It's called
The "Fitness" page under COOL STUFF where u can build
 ur body in a fast and easy way for both male/female ^_^.  Coming soon!!!
   New Poem of "Hope" for you~!
   Ah yes I kno what im missing on this site.  I am 
missing one of the most important stuff.  They are 
Links to other peoples sites!! gonna put it up
   Gossips are up! heh.. just rumors try and find the link ^_^
   Hey guys i am going to finally add a guest book :-P.
I should have added that the first thing i made this site
but you know...  I wasn't really thinking that so many
people would visit... =\
Anyway, now you guys can respond to those poems and 
post any (appropriate) jokes you want here!
   I just added a few new poems and this journal thing 
under here... I am also working on the "jokes" pages
where u can post jokes up ^_^...
   The journal below only lists everything up to one
month... anything over a month period will be in the
"link "life".  Enjoy~!! more to come

Short Summary of the past (a.k.a. journal)
Anything past a week or so will be on a separate page called (life)
  Oooohhh yeahhhh, "Jack Get BACK!" -Footloose.  Hey 
guys for all you peepz out there that went to our 
spring musical, THANKS!  It came out great.  

  Hmm.. I really dont know what to say except to say
 that there are 2 types of ignorant people out there.
  Ones that are plain fucking ignorant, and those that
 are too ignorant.  No names mentioned, but if you are 
the one reading this, no hard feelings... 

  At the party after the last showing of footloose,  
it was a great party but there are too many people 
holding grudges on each other.  That just makes me 
sick.  I tried to play along,  but no... they have to
take it too serious, LOLz...  and plus i wouldn't care
 what you think ^_~.

  Ah yes, i think i might have a crush on someone, but 
i dont know... hah... it's just that the way i see her 
is different from other people.  But who knows, i dont 
know her that well, but im gonna try to get to kno her 

  Shout OUTS to the cowboys:  JIMMY -nice job u 
mamma's boy PETER  -you rocked, but my partner and i 
danced better  RAFI  -yeup, you da man at music... no 

  Lets see what im missing... o yes! last night i came 
home at 4:30... my sister waiting up on me.  My 
brother went online asking some of my peopel where im 
at.  It's all good, i was trying to help a person with 
his or her life.  God, why does s/he have to be so 
ignorant? i swear.  What is the point of helping her 
if she DOESNT see the other side of things... GOD one 
day she is going to be down there to the point of no 
return, Is she going to regret it then?  Would it be 
too late?  I am not the one to assume such 

  Anyway i got home safe, after i broke like every 
possible rules in driving...(but hey it's ok if you 
dont get caught)  On the way back, i got stuck on this 
freaking traffic ligth for 20 min... or more.  So i 
was thinking if i should or shouldn't drive through 
the red light.  I was afraid that there'll be a cop 
right around the corner waiting for me... so then i 
made right right turn onto route 130, RIGHT WHEN I 
MADE THE TURN the light turned green, i had to back up 
to the intersectino and make the left... hah what a 

  Whats up everyone~!! Jack's back~! ^_^ anyway... I finally took some time off and decided that i should
update my journal entry here.  Well lately, i have a
lot of work but i really didn't do most of it lol...
It's ok i guess... anyway there is a much more important
thing than my joural... 
  THE WAR WITH IRAQ~~!!  I took a survey of "for and
 against war with iraq"  I went around asking girls/guys.  2/3 of all the girls were against the war while a whopping 1/3 was for it.  The guys on the other
hand... 100% for war... hrmm.. i dont know why.  Well personally i am for the war, although i hate bush and 
his ways... but the thing is... like he said for the 
better of this world a war is inevitable.
  Hey guys I haven't been updating my site lately 
because i have lost the emotional interests.  But 
whenever i read through my site i can feel the senses 
coming back to me...

 The theme of this month is Poetry & Qoutes

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Be happy i got this far... granted i only learned html 1/19/03

Welcome to da Sexy site. I don't know "Jack" , so just enjoy my pictures okay? :D