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Company Beliefs and Values

I am a deeply committed student of film, and I also have deep beliefs about what should be shown on TV and in Movies. Since I do not believe in certain attitudes shown in films, I will not encourage these attitude by creating films for people who express them. That said, here is a short list of attitudes and ideals that I will not express in movie I make or edit. Jonco has a level of quality and a world view, and I wish these to always stay consistant. If I start on a project and find out that it will conflict seriously with personal moral views, I will contact the person(s) who hired me, give them back any material they gave me, and refund any money given to me. This should only happen in cases where I was not given enough information or I didn't ask enough question, and therefor it will be incredibly rare.

I will not get involved with films dealing with:

I will also reserve the right to say no to any project brought to my attention (for example if I am in the middle of a big school project). I would be very interested in doing films that better the human condition and bring hope to the world. I would also like to do projects that make the family happier (for example editing that home movie the kids really like, or of your child's first step). Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my policies on the projects I will undertake. Simply click on the Contact button on the top of the page to reach me.

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