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About Jonco

      Jonco was started in 1999 when John Clark (Senior at High Mowing School), of Wilton, New Hampshire discovered digital video editing. Previously to this, John had thought that movies had to be edited by actually having their film physically cut, a process he was not interested in. With the ability to digitally film events, import the unaltered footage into a computer, and then digitally edit the film, John saw a way to edit movies without the hassles of cutting up tape. Since he knew a fair amount about computers, he decided to create a setup at home that would allow him to digitally edit and film movies.
      After attending freshman year at High Mowing School in Wilton, John met a new science and technology teacher who came for John's sophomore year. The teacher was Cedar Oliver. He had been involved with computers since they, well, were pretty much invented, and he brought to the school the idea of a digital video lab, and he supplied the hardware. John quickly became enamored with his grand vision, and jumped in intent on learning all he could about digital film editing. John attended an intensive "projects week" project offered by Ceder in which he edited the movie filmed that week (not a small task). The movie was a hit, and John was hooked. He then started filming all school events he could, editing them and making them availiable to students and families for an incredibly low cost ($5 per tape, if I recall correctly).
      The next school year John applied for and got two independent classes - in one he taught himself HTML and in the other he kept his editing skills up to par. In his movie class he created a stop-motion movie featuring Lego characters, calling the stop-motion process LegoMation. The next year he got the same two classes, honing and expanding his skills. Half way through that school year (2000-2001) he teamed up with his friend Matt Dupuis and created a comedy roughly based on their lives. The movie was aptly named "Matt and John: The Movie". It was a hit, and seemed to indicate that this was a good field for John to pursue. That same year John took Cedar's film project week again, this time as the assistant director. He also tried to edit a portion of the film creating on the project, but was completely swamped by finishing Matt and John:the Movie on time.
      As summer vacation drew neigh, John decided to purchase the components to create a digital video postpreduction lab. He bought a blazingly fast computer filled to the brim with RAM. He bought an advanced digital camera. He bought a great DV (Digital Video) capture card to get the films on his computer. And then he then spent two months trying to get it all to work together. Finally, after much consideration, he bought a different capture card, and was able to get everything to work he has a studio worthy of film editing.
      When he is not editing films for customers, rest assured that John, and Jonco Digital Video Solutions are cooking up another great film.

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