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    Jonco Digital Video Solutions (JDVS) is a digital post production lab based in Wilton, New Hampshire. It's services are aimed at giving local home video creators and video enthusiasts the ablility to create high quality digital films without the cost or hassle of buying and building a digital video studio themselves. Since the company consists of one motivated and dedicated student of the arts (me), there are NO overhead or underhand costs! And since I am deeply interested in the creation of films, you know you will be getting the quality and style of a motivated film student.
    Please feel free to check out this site, which I also created after teaching myself HTML and web design (a great benefit in the promotion of movies). The site should have answers to most of your questions, if it doesn't, please drop me a line (well, email) by simply clicking Here.
    Click on the links below to be taken to the various sections of the site. If the title alone doesn't give you an idea of what a section is about, check out the status window at the bottom of the page.

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