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Mikey Atilano's John Ritter Appreciation Site

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This page is dedicated to the late John Ritter, who suddenly passed away as a result of an undiagnosed heart condition on Sept. 11, 2003. The death of John Ritter stunned everyone. I am terribly saddened by his passing and have created this public memorial site for fans, like myself, of John Ritter who've had a hard time finding closure after his untimely and unbelievable passing. I will never forget John Ritter and the importance of his role in American culture. He will always be remembered. Thank you for everything you've givin us. Courtesy Entertainment Tonight The beloved John Ritter has died at the age of 54. Courtesy Getty Images Vince Bucci John with wife, actress Amy Yasbeck. Courtesy Getty Images Carlo Allegri The proud pop Ritter with son Jason Ritter's body of work includes more than 25 TV movies and films. Most notable for his role as the character Jack Tripper on the sitcom Three's Company, Ritter later went on to star in other TV series including "Hearts Afire," "Hooperman," a recurring role on "Felicity" as SCOTT SPEEDMAN's alcoholic father, and the voice of "Clifford the Big Red Dog." including "Unnatural Causes," for which he received an Emmy nomination for Best Actor, STEPHEN KING's "It," "The Dreamer of Oz," "The Only Way Out," "Unforgivable," "A Child's Wish," - featuring a special appearance by PRESIDENT CLINTON - and "Chance of a Lifetime," starring opposite his "8 Simple Rules" co-star, KATEY SAGAL. It's been a few weeks since the passing of John Ritter, and I still find myself at times in shock and in disbelief of his passing. I grew up watching Three's Company as the show was broadcast immediatly following the Woody Woodpecker show on KTTV Channel 11 (circa 1984-85). Considereing the raciness of Three's Company, I am surprised that the show was ran twice a day, back then; once at 5:00pm, followed by ALICE at 5:30 and by another episode of Three's Company at 6:00pm. John Ritter carried that show and was ultimately viewed larger than life as Jack Tripper. Recently John Ritter truly made a comeback in the entertainment industry. Even before the series "8 Simple Rules", Ritter appeared as a host for NBC's "Ripley's Believe It or Not". He became a regular guest, usually placed in the center square, on the new Hollywood Squares hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. He appeared as a guest the "Kevin and Bean" radio show for KROQ FM; a Los Angelas based radio station. He also hosted the first annual TV Land Awards ceremony in March 2003. 8 Simple Rules was only the beginning of what Ritter had hoped to be his greatest comeback catalyst, as the show frequently cast prominent and recognizable TV personalities. He later invited both Suzanne Somers and Joyce Dewitt to be a gust on his new show. The 3 had recently reconciled their differences and were in negotiations to work together once again. I am terribly disappointed and saddened by the death of John Ritter. I studied his stage craft, timing, and physical comedic expression for many years and am finally content with the fact that people finally recognize, not only Ritter's importance on television, but how important he may have been in shaping and molding modern American culture. I will always remember and miss my favorite actor: John Ritter, We Love you! Posted by: Michael Atilano on October 1, 2003 03:30 AM