Smith's Grove-Warren County Sanitarium Medical Patient Profile
Medical Patient- Myers, Michael Audrey
Date of Birth-  
Wednesday October 30th 1957
Place of Birth
- Haddonfield, Illinois - United States of America
Patient first committed to Smith's Grove
- Monday November 4th 1963
Patient age when committed to Smith's Grove
- Six years of age.
Patient first reason for being committed-
The Murder of his Sister, Judith Margaret Myers
Date of event for being committed
- Thursday 31st October 1963, Halloween.
Smith's Grove Doctor- Doctor Samuel Loomis (1963 - 1997)
Legal Guardian till July 23th 1965
- Myers, Peter and Myers, Margaret (Hill)
Legal Guardian after July 23th 1965-
Doctor Samuel Loomis and Doctor Terrence Wynn
Guardian's date of death
-  July 23rd 1965 Peter and Margaret Myers, Car accident.
                                             -  October 31st 1995 Doctor Terrence Wynn, Killed by patient.
                                             -  October 5th 1997 Doctor Samuel Loomis, Heart failure.

Patients Features-
Michael Myers has been wearing a  white mask and a jump suit for
all of hes murders no-one has seen his face since 1978.Michael was badly burn in
1978 and has burn marks all over he's body.Michael uses many objects to kill his
victims but most he uses a large kichen knife.
Dates when patient has been seen-
- 30th - 31st October 1978- Smith's Grove, Illinois and Haddonfield, Illinois
- 30th - 31st October 1988- Ridgemont, Illinois and Haddonfield, Illinois
- 30th - 31st October 1989- Haddonfield, Illinois
- 30th - 31st October 1995- Smith's Grove, Illinois and Haddonfield, Illinois
- 29th - 31st October 1998- Langdon, Illinois and Summer Glenn, California
             -31st October 2001- Grace Anderson Sanitarium, California
- 30th - 31st October 2002- Haddonfield, IIIinois

Patient was last seen alive-
Haddonfield, lIIinois on Thursday 31st October 2002.

Report (Updated November 2002)-
Michael Myers is know to children all over the United States as "The Boogie Man" or "The Nightmare Man" and can only come out on Halloween Night and the name of Michael Myers send shivers though people.Over the past 40 years years Michael Myers has been responsible for over 50 deaths in the area of Haddonfield, Illinois and Summer Glen, California.This started back in 1963 when Michael killed his older sister Judith Margaret Myers when he was six years of age.Michael Was commited to Smith's Grove-Warren County Sanitarium for treatment but 15 years after he killed his sister he broke out of the Sanitarium on Halloween eve and headed back to he's home town, Haddonfield in search to find he's younger sisiter Laurie.Over the next 24 hours Michael Myers had killed just over 12 people trying kill his sister with Dr. Loomis following him to Haddonfield to try and stop him.10 years after the 1978 Haddonfield murders, After that time Laurie has a baby, Jamie and Laurie fakes her death and move to California for safty.Michael Lyes in a coma in Ridgemont Federal Hospital.But when being return to Smith's Grove Michael, learns of Jamie Lloyd's existence and escapes again on Halloween eve, killing 4 people.In a year Michael Myers Killed over 18 people trying to get to Laurie's child, Jamie.Jamie was killed by Michael in 1995.In 1998 Michael found out his sister Laurie was still alive and well living in California with her son John, by this time Laurie had change her name to Keri Tate for safty reasons, Michael finds her in 1998 (Twenty Years after Michael first came after her) but Keri is waiting and kills Michael by cutting his head off.Police and paramedics arrive on the scene, a paramedic makes the horrific truth that the man Laurie Strode decapitated minutes early was in fact another paramedic who was a father of three. Michael Myers is led to have changed places with the paramedic and walked away from the scene wearing the paramedic uniform. Laurie Strode is arrested and taken into custody.Laurie Strode is charged with the murder of the paramedic. She is sent to Grace Anderson Sanitarium in California and is classed as unstable for society.Two years later Michael finds Laurie and Laurie's body is found on November 1st 2001.Another year later Michael is reasonable for the deaths of 8 students in his home town of Haddonfield in his house when 6 students hold a live web cast from his house.

Living Relatives-
John Tate-
Born August 28th 1981 to Tate, Keri and Tate, Jared- Summer Glen, California.
Steven Lloyed-
Born 30th October 1995 to Jamie Lloyd and unknown father, Haddonfield.

Deceased Relatives-
Judith Margaret Myers-
Born- Friday November 15th 1946
Death- Tuesday October 31st 1963
Parents- Peter and Margaret Myers, Haddonfield.
Bio- In 1963 wile in her bedroom her younger brother, Michael Myers walked  in to her room and stab her to death at the age of 17.

Jamie Lloyd-
Born- Thursday April 24th 1980
Death- Friday October 30th 1995
Parents- Strode, Laurie and Lloyd, Jimmy.Adopted at the age of 7 to the Corruthers Family in 1987.
Bio- After Many events involing patient, Michael Myers between 1988 and 1995 Jamie is found died outside of Haddonfield on October 30th 1995, later found out patient, Michael Myers had killed her.Before death
Jamie was pregnant it was earlier her first born, Steven Lloyd.

Laurie Strode
(Also known as Keri Tate)-
Born- Wednesday September 20th 1961
Death- Wednesday October 31st 2001
Myers, Peter and Myers, Margaret. Adopted at the age of 4 to Strode, Dennis and Strode, Pamela in 1965.
Laurie Myers becomes Laurie Strode in 1965.After 1978 Halloween events, first born Jamie Lloyd born Thursday April 24th 1980.Father- Lloyd, Jimmy- Hadonnfield.Laurie Leaves Haddonfield in 1980 Movies to Summer Glen, California leaving Jamie with Father in Haddonfield.Laurie changes name to Keri Tate for Safty reasons in same year. After 20 years in 1998  Michael finaly find Keri and again tries to kill her, he is unlucky and Laurie is saft again but for how long.In October 2001 Michael finds Laurie again and Laurie isn't so lucky this time and dies in the hands of Michael Myers in 2001.