Starring                         Bianca Kajlich, Busta Rhymes, Jamie Lee Curtis
Director                         Rick Rosenthal
Writor                             Larry Brand, Sean Hood
Length                             85 mins
Company                        Dimension Films Inc.
Executive Producer     Moustapha Akkad
Producer                        Paul Freeman, Malek Akkad, Michael Leahy
Music  Composer         Danny Lux

First Release Date       Friday July 12th 2002 - United States
Video Distributor          Dimension Films Home Entertainment Inc.
Official website    
Dimension Films Inc and Nightfall Productions.
After Halloween: H2O- Twenty Years Later proved to be a major hit all over the world, reaching $52 million in the United States in August of 1998 making it the highest grossing Halloween movie since the first movie which made
$47 million back in 1978 fans wanted more Myers!
Halloween: H2O re-birthed the Halloween series after the very disappointing end to the series in 1995 with part 6, Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers with the movie making just less than $15 million and then shortly after filming Donald Pleasence’s passing the series seemed to be dead and buried. Twenty Years after the original movie was released Jamie Lee Curtis, the star of the first two movies had the idea of making a 20th anniversary movie, with only one idea in her head about the trailer she began to call in some help and Halloween: H2O was born. The film was promoted as being the “The final match between good and evil!” But because the movie was such a success at the box office producers of the movie started thinking about rising Michael Myers from the grave again for a very different fight to the finish between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and brother Michael Myers. As the news broke in 1999 of another Halloween sequel to be released in 2000 rumours of Michael Myers in Halloween: H2O being a copycat killer slashed over the Internet. Although no scripts of the new sequel were even being looked at by producers at this time it didn’t stop people from writing there own plot lines for the movie. In June, 1999 fans gained excitement when the next instalment was named “Halloween: H2K- Evil Never Dies!” By main Halloween man,  Moustapha Akkad. Akked then revelled in the winter of 1999 that the movie had been pushed back to a release date of Fall, 2001 because of some legal problems. Many fans where disappointed about the release date but there would be many more disappointments to come over the next two years.

September, 2000. After almost a year hearing nothing on Halloween: H2K many fans had lost hope of Michael Myers returning to cinema screens. After a long wait main Halloween man,  Moustapha Akkad released a statement notifying that the new Halloween movie is on its way now written by Larry Brand and with the Halloween: H2K title dropped, with production to start in May 2001 with production title “Halloween 8". Over the next months Halloween 8 was starting to take shape, production was to start May 24th in Vancouver, Canada and with Halloween II director Rick Rosenthal set to direct. Rick Rosenthal was approached the project after Whitney Ransick and Halloween 4 director Dwight H. Little turn the movie down. Rick Rosenthal is the only director to ever return to the Halloween directing chair for a second time. After the release of the name of the director rumours of cast members where popping up over the Internet. Famous model and actress Tyra Banks was one of the name as well as Jacinda Barrett (Urban Legends: Final Cut) and Alyson Hannigan (American Pie).At this point there was no word on Jamie Lee Curtis returning for Halloween 8.

March, 2001. The official cast list was release early in 2001confirming that Tyra Bank is going to star in Halloween 8 along side rapper Busta Rhymes, American Pie 1 and 2 star Thomas Ian Nicholas, Cruel Intentions and Save The Last Dance star Sean Patrick Thomas, Brad Loree as Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode. Fans were even more happy then ever to hear that Jamie Lee Curtis would be returning as Laurie Strode but only as a small cameo role. Production started as planed on May 24th 2001 and rapped up late April. That following week Dimension Films released the new name for Halloween 8, “Halloween: The Homecoming” which would be later changed to “Halloween: Homecoming” the studio then released the release date of September 21st 2001 for the picture. Halloween: Homecoming then entered post-production in late spring of 2001, the movie was shown across America for special previews to look at audiences reactions to the movie, some reactions where good but others where terrible. The studio, Dimension call in Halloween: Homecoming to be look at again, the executives decided to pull Halloween: Homecoming from its release date of September 21st and decided that some changes to the film needed to be made. The full Halloween: Homecoming team returned to Vancouver for two weeks to fix parts for the movie, the re-shoots took place from the end of September to the start of October 2001.

March, 2002.With no-word on a new release date for the movie, Halloween fans played the waiting game for another four months before hearing anything on Halloween: Homecoming untill March 2002. Moustapha Akkad, Rick Rosenthal and Dimension Films executives where all rumoured to be happy with the result of the resent re-shoots to the new Halloween movie, Halloween: Homecoming so much so that they decided to change the yet again name of the movie, “Halloween: Resurrection” was the new title for Halloween 8 and was set for a summer release date of July 19th 2002. The poster and trailer popped up some time after the new title and release date was announced. The trailer was first seen on April 26th 2002, with the trailer attached to New Line’s tenth Friday The 13th sequel “Jason X” Halloween fans across the states rushed to see Jason X to get their first look at Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis back in action in Halloween: Resurrection. More coming soon!