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Boy Scouts

Why join boy scouts?

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Hi, Im from troop 877 of Wabeka, WI. In our troop we have 13 kids in our troop. It is sort of small, but we have fun. Every year we go camping. In the sping we go to a spring camporee. In the summer we go to flag day camp in Wabeka. We also go to summer camp for a week at Bear Paw. In the fall we sell wreaths so that we can earn oney to go on all of these trips. In the winter we go winter camping at Hothorne Hills Park. Then in the spring we start it all over again. Every year we always do many other things that are not camping like hikeing trips bikeing trips going out on boats to fish and going out to take a ride we go canoeing an kiaking. In the past we used to go paintballing. We also have meetings on tuesday nights. Our troop has two patrols. We do most of our projects together as a troop. At our meetings we work on merit badges, and knots, and requirements. In the past we have had a fire starting contest. We sometimes practice our cooking inside at meetings . This summer some of the older scouts will be taking a high adventure trip to Canada. They will be kiaking along the coast of Lake Superior in a park.