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McMaster Student Film Festival

2004 Festival Rules and Regulations Deadline August 15, 2004


1. Entrants must be McMaster University student
2. Independent status means that the filmmaker(s)maintain creative control.
3. The entrant(s) must have served in the capacity of director or producer of the work(s) submitted and maintain copyright.
4. Non-English entries must be subtitled in English.
5. Pre-screening format must be VHS
6. Festival Screening format is: VHS only.

*** Do not send masters ***


1. One complete "entry form" per submission, typed or neatly written. Photocopies acceptable.
2. Each entry must be submitted on a seperate VHS cassette. Other formats will not be accepted and are subject to disqualification. Tapes must be clean of all other material.
3. All video cassettes must be clearly labelled with the following information: entrant's name and telephone number; title of work; entry category; and running time. Include email address.
4. There is no entry fee, however, please submit your entry form with your project. Fail to do so will result in disqualification of your project.
5. Materials will not be returned.


Narrative Drama - Comedy - Documentary - Animation - Experimental - Musical Video - School Project(s) Shorts


1. The entrant(s) acknowledge that all necessary photographic and music copyright clearances have been obtained (proof may be requested) and hereby grant public performance rights to the MSFF (McMaster Student Film Festival) including permission to use excerpts of the work for publicity purposes, including audio, video and stills.
2. Entries must not exceed 40 minutes including credits.
3. Cash prizes will be awarded. The jury reserves the right not to award prizes in any or all categories.
4. Winning entries will be judged not only on the basis of production values, but also on the creative treatment of subject matter and originality of concept.


Submissions must be received NO LATER than: TBA (To Be Announced! Coming Soon.)

If selected for inclusion in the festival, entrants will be notified two (2) weeks before festival opens.

Screenings of selected entries will take place at McMaster University. The awards will be presented on the closing night (TBA).

Please note - The entrants of works selected for screening are encouraged to attend the festival.