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Religious Perspectives on Genetic Engineering

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

1)      What types of genetic engineering are permitted by Jewish Law.  Why are these types permitted?

2)      What about genetic engineering causes Jewish ethicists to be cautious and concerned?  Why?

Genetic Engineering:  A Buddhist Perspective

1)      How may genetic engineering affect karma and a Buddhist’s journey on his/her spiritual path?

2)      What are two reasons that Buddhist ethicists find genetic engineering to be troubling?

3)      According to Buddhists, why do we get sick?  Does genetic engineering to cure illness, like gene therapy, interfere with Buddhist beliefs about illnesses and cures?

American Catholic

1)      Enter the words “genetic engineering” into search articles.  Choose an article that comes up and review it.  Write a ½ page discussion of the Catholic view of genetic engineering according to the article that you read.

Islam SET:  Science, Environment, Technology

1)      How should Islamic countries deal with genetic engineering?  What kind of education, research, attitudes should these countries have towards this technology?

2)      What types of genetic engineering is permitted by Islamic Law?  For what purpose can a Muslim pursue genetic engineering?

3)      What types of genetic engineering are forbidden by Islamic Law, and why are they forbidden?


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