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Hi and welcome to my life! My name is Jess*ca Marie - Taylor and I am a Sophomore at the University of Michigan, studying film/video. This page helps you get to know me a little better - my interests, my hobbies, and quite a bit more! Browse around, and you should find:

- My online journal

- Pix from my family to celebrities I met over the summer

- Basic FAQ

- Wavs of me singing :)

I hope this helps you understand my world, and please, don't be shy! Email me at with any suggestions - I'm still learning HTML, so be patient! Thanx so much!

. : * : . Jess*ca . : * : .

PS: This is a picture of me and Better Than Ezra (Plus Darrick) in the background

Craig David is off the hook! Check out his newest single :

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The BaSiC FaQS
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Photos of Celebs, Camp, Friends n Family
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John's FANCLUB?!
My Beloved Morning Show (Where I worked Summer '01)
*NeW!* - My Film Treatments