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|MAY 19TH|

Worked more on the site today, of course. Added the About page. WELLLLLL, I was told wrong! Chris Kattan is staying on SNL YAYYYYYY! I'm going to work out at the Y today should be amusing. I'll be adding a Message Board *trumpet fanfare* and a chat ehre soon. Hopefully this site won't end up all abandoned like my old one, heh! Oh and by the by here's my other site, a good

Not much to say except here I am sitting in stretch pants and a Cats sweatshirt at noon on a Sunday. I have a life, I realy do! I swear! :>

Was gonna go tag sale-ing yesterday with Kellu but it rained. And so is the story of my life in MA. Didn't even get around to going to the collectibles store. Saw some hobos on the street though. Took pictures of them and laughed. My cat is having one of her coma days so she's been sitting in one place for about 3 hours now. I think she's breathing....