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|MAY 18TH|

I'm a bit sad and amused at the same time today, which is why I decided to open a website. I always open a website on odd emotional days. Kevin Aucoin died, something aobut a brain tumor. That makes me sad because lots of people die before I meet them. A few years ago I discovered that my idol Graham Chapman was dead, and had been since a year before I was born. That seems to happen a lot.

I'm also extremely angry with Chris Kattan right now for leaving SNL TONIGHT! Right now it's 15 minutes until the show and I'm waiting. Oh ya Will Ferrell is leaving too but I really am upset with Mr. KATTAN! That's another thing people do. Leave shows before I get to see them live. I mean, it was different with Cats but this is major! That just leaves Jimmy Fallon and Maya Rudolph to idolize *sigh*.

I MISSED THE FRIENDS SEASON FINALE! URGH! I was at a concert where the middle school band was playing with the high school. We only played one song with them, but the song they did after was SOOOOOOO awesome! It was called Voodoo and it was very freaky and it scared me cause I was sitting next to this high school baritone sax player ( I play clarinet) and all of a sudden she starts shrieking and whooping and crap. Then there was like strobe lights and stuff and people with voodoo masks. But I will NEVER mis the Boston Public season finale. I gotta see if they kill that dude off. They wouldn't dare!

My amusedness comes from 1). George Lucas sucks and can't write anymore and 2). church.

1). I went to see Star Wars with ma friend wasn't Star Wars. It was STAR WARS 2002: AN MTV PRODUCTION. First of all, totally digitizing Yoda and partially digitizing C3PO was a huuuuuge mistake. Anthony Daniels can move on his own thanks and as for Yoda...he looked like Gizmo from Gremlins. All of a sudden he could fly, too. He kicked some dude's butt. It was funny, but I don't think it was supposed to be. In fact, it was the only actually funny thing. They drew out the romantic crap and left out any good storyline. In fact, it as mainly just people running around in circles saving each other. It was sort do oyu say it? Closed. It wasn't like an open universe, the plot was too confined. It didn't go anywhere.

2). In church today I sat next to my friend who has a mysterious bite that looks kinda like a vampire bite. Anyways, I sat behind this old lady with really odd hair. It was like one giant piece of hair. It was thick, too. I wanted to touch it. I'm sure there was something living in there. Then there was this other lady, she has a Tina Turner haircut, a hot pink windbreaker, bike shorts and fishnets. She looked like she just popped out of some Duran Duran video or whatever. The nthere was another fahionally impaired woman...she had this bizarre bun that stuck like 4 inches up right in the top center of her head, a weird rainbow jacket and tight pants. Her lipstick sorta went in a line off her face like she simply forgot she was holding it. OH YA! Then there was htis lady iwth a picasso painting on her jacket, which was all fine and dandy except that Picasso painting was of a very naked lady. This is how I amuse myself during hymns.

Today I bought that Tom Clancy book , the Sum of All Fears, that the movie is based on. It looks interesting. They bomb Russia or something. I also bought the Corky Romano DVD.

OOH Will ferell is being Castro. They tried to posion Castro's scuba suit or something once. The governemnt, that is.

I wonder how pregnant Ana Gasteyer is letting herself get before she takes maternity leave.

Well, I'm gonna watch zee show. Tata!