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|JUNE 4|

Whoops! Haven't remembered to update a whole lot recently! Recently went to the Bronx Zoo! I never realized there aren't ANY white people there! It was fun! The schools there have bars on the doors and windows. Makes sense....the best way to keep people from escaping is to lock them in, right? They should try that at our school!

I had to spend the whole day at the zoo with my science teacher and a girl that I don't really talk to so it Here's my whole dialogue w/ Mr. G:

Sci Teacher: Hey Nikki, wanna jump in the gorilla pit.

Me: No.

Sci Teacher: Hey Nikki, wanna ride a camel?

Me: No.

Sci Teacher: Hey Nikki, wanna pet that porcupine?

Me: No.

As you can probly already tell, the bus ride was the best part. Except for when we stopped in Danbury, CT...that was awesome! They have a carousel there that has TWO floors! INSIDE! Needless to say, I rode it...twice! I also shared some Bourbon chicken and home fries w/ Jackie and Angela. YUMMMMM! Came away with some good pictures, especially of this totally evvvilll looking ostrich thing! no wait...vulture thing, that's what I mean....

you can see the rest of the pictures here

Well I should skedaddle now (we learned that in social studies. That civil war talk for 'desert' not like the sandy place but like to leave behind. woo!) So tata!