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|JUNE 19|

Yesterday was the last day of school! I have to say, it all ended quite abruptly. The let us out early, just because I think they gave up. Mr. T, our Vice Principal (trumpet fanfare) is retriing so he was crying for about the 5th time this week...he gave me a big hug! Saw a picture of him fomr his afro days, and decided that one day it just fell off. Also figured out that my science teacher simply never had hair. Afetrwards, had lunc hat McD's w/ Meghan, Kelly Ryan and Maggie. Meghan and Kelly and I watched The Mothman Prophecies and Vanilla SKy. Later saw The Bourne Identity( which was awesome) with Meghan and KElly. I'm so sad. I just started to get used to the idea of having a middle school and next year we gotta go back to the high school :( I'll update later, but Kelly is coming over and I need to get dressed.