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|JULY 29|

Wow, long time no updates! Well, I redid my 'other' site ( and became bossy enough to revmap my friend's site. Right now I'm tlaking to my Thai penpal on MSN messenger. Here is how the conversation is going:

Nikki says: What time is it where you live? TiP_iT_FaBiNeS says:

Nikki says: yea

TiP_iT_FaBiNeS says: it's about 9.30 am

Nikki says: whoa

TiP_iT_FaBiNeS says: i'm only wake few ago LOL

Nikki says: is it tuesday?

TiP_iT_FaBiNeS says: yea tuesday

TiP_iT_FaBiNeS says: and there?

Nikki says: It's still monday here, it's 10:25 pm

TiP_iT_FaBiNeS says: well if i wanna come to my yesterday again going there !!

TiP_iT_FaBiNeS says: Time Machine !

Nikki says: hehehe

And Later...

TiP_iT_FaBiNeS says: ohh really .. do you good at that?

TiP_iT_FaBiNeS says: well not me at all

Nikki says: I'm okay with math sometimes but other times it's too boring

TiP_iT_FaBiNeS says: yesterday i can do only 3 from 10 points and i'm so sad but my friend is sad also but she got 8 i don't understand why she sad !

TiP_iT_FaBiNeS says: I think she was think that why she cant' do only 2 points i guess !!

TiP_iT_FaBiNeS says: LOL

Nikki says: heh

Another Tip quote: "any of friend may have usual ears for 1 days "

Well, she's cool and a lot easier to understand than my French penpal, who once said "This stuffs is as daft as a brush!".

I have a job. Bla. Money is always good. Not a whole lot has happened recently except I'm poor again. My family fluxes in and out of having money. Sometimes my dad has a good job, and sometimes he has a bad one. So it's like one minute we're middle class, and the next we have nooo money. It's kinda weird, although the way this family collects electronics you wouldn't think it. Unfortunately, my dad just happened to fall into a bad job a couple of weeks before back to school shopping. Most of my tops and jeans are worn already, so this may suck. Anyways, I'm tired and I want to watch the daily show sooo....SHOO! SHOOOOOOOO!