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|JULY 1|

YAWWWNNNN! Ok, so I was pretty busy at the beginning of the summer but now not really. I found this website called Engrish ('s hilarious! It's all about Japanese mistakes in English. You should go there!

My mom is teaching summer sped classes and my dad is selling cars, so I get to babysit every morning. woo. Kelly comes over a lot, and I go over to her house a lot. I've decided to just start calling her random nicknames, such as Kay.

Mr. Deeds was a good movie, except Winona Ryder was a little too dramatic for her role. It creeped me out. Spotted E.T. in Episode 1, making me the last person ever to find it. There's supposed to be as silhouette of E.T. and Eliot that flies across the sky on Tatooine, but I can't find it. Yea, I got a little bored last night...

I figured out what is so very unstarwars-ee about Episode 2...first of all, the story line was confined to only a few characters. Two, Yoda was completely computerized and resembled a Gremlin. Oh yes, and he can pretty much fly...three, they also decided to computerize pretty much EVERYTHING which is definitely a looked very fake and you should NEVER computerize C3PO, attach him to a droid thing and use him for cheap laughs.R2D2, maybe. But never C3PO! Oh yeah...R2D2 can fly! Wheee! ....Of course, and then there's the fact that this movie didn't have a lot to do with the ships. A lot of the original Star Wars movies took place on ships, and this did not. It sucked. Oh yes...and Ewan McGregor should never grow facial hair. Bad.

Now you know how picky and bossy I am. And I'm not even a big Star Wars fan either. I'd like to here what the 40-year-old men who still live with their parents and wear Star Wars pajamas have to say. I think I'll stop buy our resident Comic Book Guy's store/hole in the wall and ask, if he hasn't gotten stuck behind the counter and died of asphyxiation already. I don't know how to spell asphyxiation.

Kelly is threatening to bake muffins. NO! BAD! ...Okay, anyways...where was I?

Oh yeah...I was talking to this quasi-Irish kid last night and he didn't like Billy Eliot. I was like...whaaa???

Oh yes, and another thing... I was on this message board a while back where they were discussing the SATs and how they added an essay...and this lady from Alabama said "Those beaurocrats is stupid, they is!" or something along those lines. I think I know why she didn't pass the SATs...

I've been rambling for a while but I cannot really think of anything to say. I keep dreaming about the last day of school, though. Not sure why. A bunch of teachers are retiring, and my LA teacher from last year is moving up to teach 9th grade advanced English so I might have him, which is probably good. If I don't update for a while, I've found a life. Toodles...