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Have band camp all this week. i know what you're thinking , and no I don't play flute. Clarinet, as a matter of fact. Anyways, it 's actually kind of fun. Well ,the music's hard but some twisted part of me likes marching. And I wanna see what this four mile parade we have on the 4th is gonna be like..hmm....By the way, my friend Hana died her hair black. I KNOW you wanted to know!

Church yessterday was entertaining while it lasted. the guy in front of me had this weird spasm oging on. He would sit for a few seconds, the nhe would vibrate or something. But it was very minute. It was weird, he had a whole rhythm going. Oh well.

But then it got so hot inside that my sister and I couldn't breathe and so we went outside for the rest of the 45 mins. People who went by would give us these scornful looks and I'd be like hey, you're not in church either! Right now I'm drinking a chocolate shake. School starts Aug. 28, and I am deeply worried. Well, not deeply. More like somewhat. 1, because like I said sometime before, the student council does not have the time to work on our booster week stuff. 2, I dunno who's left the public school and who's staying. 3, I don't know these teachers. And 4, the band does a lot of stuff.

OH well