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My List of Annoying Stuff


1. Stupid people.

2. People who think The Holy Grail is the best/only thing Monty Python did.

3. People who try to be me, and take over all of my personality, and copy things I say and are just generally creepy and annoying. You dunno who you are.

4. People who think I'm dumb when in reality I'm obviously not. Not even bragging here, people. I'M NOT FRICKIN DUMB!!!

5. Posers.

6. People who grow out their fingernails real long and think it looks good when in reality it looks deformed and diseased.

7. Immature retards who get good grades but aren't really smart, just have good memories and therefore think they're better than me when they are obviously not.

8. People who try to compete with me on stupid stuff.

9. People who pretend to be great writers when in reality the teacher came up with the concept and half the story and it's about some really dumb topic.

10. People who say 'I read this many books this summer', but fail to mention that most of them were at my 8 year old sister's reading level.

11.People who throw around random 'big' words to look smart and totally misuse them.

12. People who read good books or watch movies by my favorite directors and pretend they understand them, then make total misstatements as to the plot.

13. People who laugh too much. That's just annoying.

14. People who try to butt into my plans.

15. Middle class kids who try to be angsty. Riiiiiiiight.

16. People who aren't friendly. There's no reason to dislike me. I don't do anything offensive.