Ali moet dood (2001)

Directed by
Martijn van Koolwijk

Writing credits
Martijn van Koolwijk
Jaap van Otterlo


Tagline: Love, Revenge, Akropolos

Plot Outline: When Memhet find out about his sisters relationship with a turkish guy (Ali) he wants to kill him

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Cast overview
Jaap van Otterlo .... Ali Sücur
Jeroen van Koolwijk .... Memhet
Nielson Domburg .... Akropolos
Martijn van Koolwijk .... Dave the dealer
Peter van Hornsveld .... AH worker
Martijn van Koolwijk .... Berry de Boss
Jaap van Otterlo .... Bundyboy

Also Known As:

Kijkwijzer: Strong Language, Bloody violence
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Color: Color
Sound Mix: Mono
Certification: 16

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