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War movies are a genre for me. I think at Blockbuster or movie rental places, the movies should be categorized as this: Romance, Comedy, Action, and then. . .WAR MOVIES.

Some could argue that WAR movies could be ACTION movies. But take "ENEMY AT THE GATES" for example. It also includes ROMANCE in it as well as SUSPENSE and ACTION.

This film was also rumored around school to introduce me to "RED ARMY CHIC"- or so says my history teacher, Mr. Castellana, which I deny to having any part in.

"Red, khaki, and olive green are the fashion trends on the catwalks of Stalingrad this year!! Along with the occasional smudge of dirt on your face!"- quote teacher.

No, I don't like khaki and olive green because of this movie!!!

Oh well, just look at the Pictures now!

This was originally the background for the "Enemy at the Gates" Gallery before I redid it. I like the background now better!!

Yes, this is where the. . .ahem. . . romance comes in. Me and my friend JENA have an inside joke about a certain part. . . ahem. . . in this movie. Whenever we see a picture of these 2 characters together, we always say "Oh no, CABLES!!!!!" But it makes no sense for those who do not know our joke, like you.

But one thing I noticed about the "relationship" between these characters in the movie. . . "Did they even kiss before they did it?"

They didn't, did they?!

I made a hat like this, (well, tried to. . ) on one Saturday night when I couldn't go to sleep at all. I took some extra fabric that came from my brother's trousers, sewed it up, and tried to make a "comrade hat."

It looks like an army green shark fin that was sewn up crookedly with red thread.

I wore the. . . "Hat" for a history project where I played a communist immigrant trying to get into the Country via Ellis Island.

This is vassili and Danilov, (Joseph Fiennes) talking. He is a propaganda writer who comes to Stalingrad and befriends Vassili.

This is a deleted scene on the DVD, actually.

No, this is not Einstein. This is Jean-Jacque Armand, (I think that's his name), the director of "Enemy at the Gates". Jude looks a bit dazed and confused. OK, that light shining in from the wall looks really cool.

EEK!! No, this is Bob Hoskins as Nikita Kruschyev. (From history class.) In this scene, he is just about to kiss Vassili. (Uh-oh, now is HE a part of the whole love triangle between Vassili and Tania and Danilov?! Hahaha.)

Why, it's the director again!!

I want Jude Law's hat there for my birthday.

It's all a part of "Red Army Chic", everybody!!

I can't exactly explain this photo, it will ruin the movie for all you who haven't seen it.

This is my FAVORITE part in the entire film!!

I can't help but laugh at this picture. It just looks funny.

But man, his eyes sure are blue!!

The poster for Enemy at the Gates. (Well, the DVD cover, anyway.)

I saw this poster in "Blockbuster" the summer it came out. Coincidentally, I went to Blockbuster a lot that summer.

I want to put this poster in my closet, because it wouldn't go in my room, and so I could adjust the clothes to cover up Danilov's face so only Vassili's face showed.

There's that Comrade Hat again!!! My brother was very impressed at the sniper rifle. That's the reason he saw the movie with me. And he heard about the love scene in the sewer. But I learned that later, after we saw the movie. Geez, I thought my brother would see a movie not only because of. . . uh. . . THAT. Boy, was I wrong.

I have one last thing to say about this movie. . . and Jude in this film as Vassili Zaitsev.. . ..

Oh yeah, comrade.