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The "AI: Artificial Intelligence" Gallery

"Hey Joe, whaddaya know?"

Hmm. . .we won't let him answer the question.

Jude Law co-stars in this magnificent film, set in the future, where robots who can think and even love like humans exist.

Jude's character is Gigolo Joe, a mecha, (or robot) whose job is. . .well. . .a Gigolo. (You could have guessed that, though.) He is supposed to be better at his job than "humanly possible". WOW. OK. Just check out the pics and judge for yourself.

At first I thought, "Um. . .what's wrong with him?" That was before I knew what was up with the movie. But mostly, "WHAT IS WITH HIS HAIR?"

(Gasp) MY HERO!! STEVEN SPIELBERG!! Yes, Spielberg is my hero, I want to be like him when I grow up. (I want to be a movie director.) But Spielberg, my idol, and Jude, the one I love?! It makes a perfect picture.

Haha!! There's his funky hair again!! (I'm sorry, I think it's hilarious.)

Gigolo Joe outside the church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart, located right in the middle of Rouge City. (Hey, amongst all that sin there's gotta be something the very opposite, even in the distant future.)

This picture was a big hit with one of my friends at school, also a big "AI" fan.

At this point in the film, I was thinking, "But where's he going?! It's too early in the movie!!"

YUCK. My brother liked her. OK, this was probably a marketing scheme to get young college guys to see the movie. (Hey, it worked for my 12 year old brother!) I showed this picture to him, and he said, "Is that hot chick in the movie?!" Then he agreed to see the film.

Good old newspapers, what would I do without them? It's my hero again, with scary Haley. (More on that later.) Jude looks good, with that "needs to shave" look and the cabbie hat.

Spielberg directing Jude again.

Joe in the lobby of the "Shangri-La Hotel", where he works.

Just a little bit too close-up, I think. Verging on the brink of being slightly creepy, just like Haley Joel Osment!

A GREAT side profile of Jude. But there's that Teddy bear and creepy Haley Joel Osment. (Don't get me wrong, I think Osment is a great young actor, very talented, but he's just so. . .small! And to think he's 14!)

"Why, I thought he was 9 or 10!!"

No offence, Haley, but that "Road to Perdition"kid is a pretty good actor. . .and cute.

As for Gigolo Joe. . .do we believe him?