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And a little synopsis of the film, with commentary from me.

This is my favorite Jude Law movie so far. Gattaca, in my opinion, is a very imaginative, suspenseful, well-made movie. I like science fiction, and this is as good as it gets. Nothing about aliens or robots taking over the earth, this takes place in a time where people are genetically perfected, (they have no diseases, they are perfect.) Those people who are not, well, they are treated unfairly, it is called "genoism". (Part of my Gattaca vocabulary.)

Jude Law plays Jerome Eugene Morrow, (called Eugene), one of these perfect human specimens. He is, and I quote from the movie, "practically gonna live forever. He's got an IQ off the register, better than 20/20 in both eyes. And the heart of an ox- he could run through a wall."

And now I'm thinking Hubba Hubba, perfect human specimen?! He sounds like perfect boyfriend material to me!!!

But then comes the end of the guy's line in the movie. ". . . if he could still run."

Aw shucks. There's always a catch.

Jerome is an alcoholic paraplegic, who broke his back, (in an attempt to commit suicide) and is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. (Oh well, I still think he's darn cute in this movie, even if he's pale and sickly looking most of the time.) In his younger years, he was a big-time swimming star.

I wrote a fanfiction about this film on, about Jerome's life before he broke his back.

But I'm talking too much and not showing the pictures!!

The lady is Uma Thurman, now married to Ethan Hawke, who stars in this movie. Jude's smiling because he just got to kiss her.

I have a lot of pictures in here of Jerome (Eugene) and his laboratory. Here is his urine sample fridge! (Don't ask me to explain, just see the movie!!)

This is the first in a series of SUPER-GRAINY photos. But I got them from taking a photo of the TV screen. So I think it turned out pretty good. This is his first line in the movie- and the greenish glow around him? Well, that's the artistic cinematography in the film. (There's greens, and pinks, and. . .it's a very colorful movie.)

I think this picture turned out pretty good too.

Working in his little laboratory again. That's what he does most of the time in the movie.

This is so sad. I know exactly what line is being said in all of these pictures. Right now, he's saying, "Where?" And Vincent says, "In the corridor."

He replies by flatly saying, "Ah well, it could be worse. They could have found it in your eye." Oh snap!!-a saying of mine from Zoolander.

That's the way, baby! Be sarcastic and sardonic!! Just like me!!

And everyone wonders why I love this movie so much! Ha!

This is my favorite picture in the Gattaca Gallery.

One of the more memorable moments in Gattaca, I was biting my nails I was so nervous, and I was screaming, "Go Eugene!! You can do it!! CLIMB TO THE TOP!!!!" No wonder my parents complain whenever I watch it.

One of my friends e-mailed this to me. I think it's a recommendation poster to the Academy Awards or something. (Man, he should have got at least nominated for his role in this movie!!)

This is the Cavendish Club, a fancy, VALID place. To the left is Ethan Hawke's character, Vincent, (or Jerome.) Vincent is an un-genetically perfected person, an INVALID. So he's using the REAL Jerome Eugene Morrow's genetic identity, (but it's a very complicated storyline.)

Earlier in this scene, Eugene complained about the wine and yelled!

This was originally one of the SUPER-GRAINY EDITION pictures, but here's the result after trying to fix it up a bit. It looks a bit artistic I think, but it's just that the contrast is WAY off. (His eyes look green here.)

Another bad Contrast Project, but I like this one particularly. This is when you FIRST see him. (There's the green light again.) But the smoking!!!

This belongs in the ATTITUDE GALLERY!!

I know, I know, two smoking ones in a row. But I am NOT promoting anything. And another failed Contrast Project.

Rent this movie if you haven't seen it, it is fabulous, in my opinion.

And Jude Law yells the F-word really loud a couple of times!!!

That alone makes it worth to see!