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The GAWK Gallery

This is probably the "sexy" pics gallery. (But nothing's too "risque", or "racy". don't worry.) Most of these pics are some of my friend's favorites, or other people I knew liked them the best. So Just check them out.

(Although in one of them you can almost see up his shorts! But it's not considered "Vulgar", Oh heck, just look at the pics!")

Jena laughed at me when I showed her this picture. I think he looks a bit like a younger version of Sean Connery, however.

This is strictly my opinion, but he looks James Dean-ish here.

In this picture, he looks like that one classmate of mine who I think looks like Jude. (He's even scowling!! It's a scary match!!)

I remember when I first started to like Jude law about 2 years ago, I put this picture on my locker door. The Spanish teacher looked at it, I remember, and grinned.

Of course, this is the picture of the sets on the main pages, but I like it a lot.

I personally like this one.

WHOA. . .um. . .suggestive, perhaps?! Jena and Me think this is absolutely HILARIOUS. We don't exactly like the picture. (His legs are too hairy, in our opinions.) But I like the teddy bear and his face.

Now this picture is on here because it was most commented on one day when I wore it on my shirt.

It's a rather long story, but it all started on Valentine's Day. I'm an anti-Valentine. A Valentine's Day GRINCH!! I hate Valentine's day. I dunno why. It's lame and stupid. So I came to school wearing all black and wearing too much black eyeliner. (Think Gweneth Paltrow in "The Royal Tenenbaums." Yeah, A lot of eye makeup.

So everyone was asking "Who is your Valentine?!!"

I was sick of it all, so I glued this picture of Jude Law to a piece of pink paper, and wrote "MY VALENTINE" in big letters above it. Surprisingly, people started to sk me who he was, and a bunch of girls in my DRAMA class asked "Whoa, who is he? Do you know him? He's HOT!!!!!"

It's still a mystery to them.

Here's the movie pictures part of the Gawk Gallery. (I could have put the entire "Talented Mr Ripley" Gallery in here if I wanted to, he's so handsome in that movie!! (This is that picture where you can almost see up his shorts.) But you can't, by not even an inch. So it's fine to put it on this site.

(GASP FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT) It's Silvana!!! (This is on this page because we only wish he'd talk to US like that.) Well, maybe not. You know how Silvana ended up!

I like this picture a lot.

A very good closeup.

Have fun gawking??!