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The Attitude Gallery

Don't let the background fool you! WARNING- These pictures are hazardous to your health! All you are going to find here are pictures of Jude Law smoking, scowling, or where he has SERIOUS attitude problems. (While still looking good. Except for one.)

Hey, I warned you!!

And I am NOT promoting smoking or anything of that nature. This is strictly just for the sake of categorizing a bunch ofJude Law pictures.

Ah, what the ##$%! Just look at the pics! (Uh-oh, now I have a bad attitude!!)

See? Now here's a combination of both- he's smoking AND scowling.

Kind of scowling. (But this is nothing compared to some of them!!)

This is as good as it gets here in the ATTITUDE Gallery!! (Serious brooding.)


From Gattaca.

From "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." (The contrast is so messed up in this picture!)

You just want to say, "What is wrong with YOU today?!!!" to this picture!

Yep, Gattaca again. And sadly, more smoking.

Sorry, but this is one of my favorite pictures on this entire website. He looks like he came directly from a 1940's gangster movie, which I think is so cool. (Oddly enough, I tacked this up on my wall in my room after learning the dangers of smoking in Health class.) Oddly enough, this could be a picture of a character in the movie I am writing.

From "Road to Perdition." This is in the ATTITUDE Gallery because in this picture it is apparent that he has serious mental problems. ("No, he's just having a bad day!!!" is what my friend said.)

Have you even SEEN "Road to Perdition?!!!- is what I said. (If you've seen it you know what I mean.)

You made it!! (And please don't sue me if you start to have serious attitude problems now.)