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fa all the nuggaz that have ta know if I have a nice ass...they it is ya heard me?! hehe yeah thas my bootie...I will get pics of my face sooner

I love guys! So guys are my hobbies! haha I am interested in guys! Yeah thas it...I like ta sing, dance, act, be muhself, have fun, act crazy, shop, flirt, have sex...all that normal mess, ya feel me?!

1st I wanna start wit sayin my family is wonderful..I have a big bro, lil bro, & lil sis.
Shelby: You will always be my lil sis and member when it gets hard sissy is here for you.I love you!
Ryan: my big bubby...stop datin that hoe! I cant stand her! Thanx for being there bro you've helped me through some tough times. I love you!
Lance: I love you, keep ballin wit da lil ladies and bein a lil pimp ya heard me?! Sis loves you and if u need anything u know whurr to find me!

My friends

My Girls~*~
Anna: You're my best friend girl! You know I love you & I am here for you always, neva let them hataz bring you down, play on playa with ya many men, and always remember to smile! Stay Sexxy! (lol)
Amanda A*K*A Manda, Mandy, Manderz: Keep it real! Try & get over Nate, I love you and I am here for you! You're very special and very pretty!
Ashley: Drea's hunny! haha he loves you alot girl! I just thought u should know that...he's special, but u knew that already. You keep it real & Hay~Hay is here when you need her.
Kaye: We been tru girls fa so long and Ima let you know now...I done seen too many niggaz walk ova you like they own you & I thank someone need to check em and it may jus be me, lol, but always know u betta than that and u deserve betta...find you a fiya nigga that gon treat you right baby gurl! Keep ya head up! I love ya
Jenn: SHADY LANE REPRESENTIN' YA HEARD ME?! lol Stay real wit my nigga Pee-Wee girl and give him all dat good lovin he need...I love ya girl! Stay tru, stay fiya, and keep dat beautiful head up!
Micia:Stay CARAZY chick! I love ya...we gon find you a man soon enough girl! Fuck J'Torey ol' dumb ass, lol, & write me!
Candice: Girl! Ima let you know now...You gotta start tellin ppl what's up a lil more...I know u got that attitude in you cuz you be poppin it at me sometimes, haha, Stay strong...keep ya head off guys to cuz some of em will fuck u ova fa shou! I know from experience. You got a good head on ya shoulders...go somewhere with ya life, stay grounded and keep perfect vision to see the things some of us never see that you've already seen. You & Shelby tha youngest of us Shady Lane Play Girls so yall know what's up, haha, Keep ya head up! Love ya
Crystal: Girl u my big sista ya feel me?! Thanx for all those times u helped me see sum niggaz wasnt worth the stress, tears, & pain! & Thanx for all those times when we was lil helpin me get minez haha! :)
Heidi: Keep it real girl! Stay fiya & Keep dat head up!
Courtney: Keep dancin girl! I swurr yo ass gon be a damn stripper lol! Dont play wit my nigga Tray now know he crazy as hell! lol :) Know I love ya and I am always here fa you no matter who say I cant be. (You know what I am talkin bout)
Dora: Hey sissy! haha keep Spin in check girl! I love ya fa my big sista...I got ya back 2...holla at ya girl! Much Love! ~Lil G~

My boys~*~
Quinton: Nigga be careful fuckin all dem girls...U better not catch nuttin...I love ya boy & I want you 2 know that u can be someone in life...U can play ball...and nigga I seen u play ball I played against you b4 and u gotz skillz! Keep it real baby! Luv yaz~
De'Andre: U be safe to nugga! Aint no tellin what Haley done gave u dogg! Nah, but on da real tip keep it real and I know u got my back & I just want you 2 know I got yours to! ~1~
TJ: You need ta chill wit da 50 ladies at 1 time, I aint tryin ta clown you, but nigga you do. When Ima be able ta fuck haha!
Turk: I still love you, no matter what I may say! I wish you wouldnt do some of the shit you do, but ya know I aint tryin ta change you. I am tryin ta get you to see that you can be someone though...instead of workin on tha streets get yo education and be someone. Prove all these ppl wrong that are tellin you, that u aint nuttin...cuz u are something! ~1~
Carl: hey babez! How you doin?! LEARN HOW TO ANSWER UR PHONE NUGGA! haha :) Keep it real! Keep smokin and les do what we did again sometime!
EL: Haha be dat star boy! be dat star! You got skills to boo and do something wit em! I luv ya!
Darian: My educated nigga...congrats on graduating! Be someone Darian! Plz do something! Stay fine! Off hard drugs and stop gettin ya heart broken so badly! I'll holla! ~1~
Andrea: Boy we ALL know u love Ashley! haha I love you boy & things will get better I promise babez! *HUGZ* stay white boy! hehe (our joke fa tose of u who dont know nuttin bout that!)
Jermaine: Ohh nigga u just dont know how much u mean ta me! I love you boy! keep it real! stay smart, sexy, & jus a lil crazy! ~1~
Joe Blakk: haha what kinda noise do a moose make? hehe (WE WONT LET U LIVE THAT DOWN!) Stay FIYA! & keep dancin baby! ~1~
Deon: Stay fine & baby I am here ta let er one know you know how ta work what u have! :) ~1~
Vee-Vee: I luh yaz! Stay hott! Keep ya head up...dont be a playa, but dont hate! I am here if ya need me! ~1~
Cream: Found a lady yet? keep lookin if not! Keep it real ~1~
Asheesh: a lil low on my list, but that dont mean shit! I love you boy! You'll always be my lil thug ya heard?! I hope u get that deal with those ppl! That would be fiya! Ima be ya baby momma one day huh? haha Stay fiya! ~1~
Josh A*K*A Bass: Stay crazy! Dont ever do nuttin wit that hair, but dont let ppl hate neitha! I'm here if ya need me white boy!~1~
E ~ A*K*A Mr_Freak_Nasty: Stay sexy, fiya, and freaky nigga! U know I luh ya!
Pee-Wee: I love ya dogg! Like you ask me all the time "Lil G you got my back?!" Hell yeah I got ya back wodey and ya know it! I hope you & Jenn stay together for a long ass time & love each other like yall really supposed to, take curr of her....we all know she crazy, haha, I love ya Pee-Wee!
Cannon Boy: I love you baby! You know I do and I am over here missin you like crazy now...I hope er thang go right fa you since I aint there and write me. I'm still yours! lol Love ya.
Tray: Oh Lawd...Tray, Tray, Tray....hmm STOP PULLIN GUNZ ON PPL NIGGA!! thas gon get you in trouble! haha stay fyne boi! Keep Courtney in line cuz she wild as hell! & Keep smilin cuz ya smile is beautiful.
Bosco: Still handin them 'How to use a condom' pamplets out? :) I know how to use one, thanx but no thanx! :P Stay crazy boy! ~1~
Woo: When you gon do me another tattoo? :) I need one that say something fiya, haha, Dont hurt Mary Bary plz....I know how it feel to hurt boi and she dont need know what not to do! I love ya nigga...stay tru! Shady Lane Reppin! ha :) ~1~
Pat: sup nigga?! Keep ya head up and keep sellin dat good stuff! I love ya wodey! SLR!
G: Nigga this that lil white girl, haha, aint that what u used to call me?! sumtin like dat! Stay fiya! Keep doin what u do & stay jus a lil crazy! ~1~
Rome: Ha, I almost forgot ya ass...dont see how, but keep ya head up, stay silly and know I got ya back! (ssshhhh!)
Nation: W'sup hoe?! lol holla at cha girl fa shou! We gon make sum babies? lol I got ya back when ya need me to have it bay jus holla! Keep dat beautiful head up! And I know that pimpin aint easy itz a challenge so together les make er one else know that it aint easy and no one compurr ta tha Lil G and tha nationwide playa! Play on the fuck on!
Spin: What's up baby!? Holla at me! Stay tru playa! Keep gettin dat sex ed from my big sista D....I got ya back wodey....U know how Lil G is lol....holla! Keep ya head up! ~1~
Walter: My bay fa real! I still got mad love fa you boo...holla at me if ya feelin me fa real! I got you boo! Love yaz
Shomari: I love ya! Thas all I gotta say fa real! Much Love
JDawg: you my nigga fa real! I got ya back! Stay sweet bay & holla at me fa real! much love from da Dirty Souf! ~1~
Chewy: Holla dawg! Keep ya head up! Much Love ~ Lil G~
Greg: (Naw not my ex yall!) Hey bay! Keep ya head up...stay SEXXXY fa shou! & Holla my way anytime u feel wodey love ya ~Hay~
OJ: I love you! Fa real! Stay Sexxy...& plz keep bein here for me bay cuz I need you alot...and I care! Love ya ~Ya Lil G~

~*~*~*~ Shady Lane Play Girls love dem Shady Lane Niggaz fa shou~*~*~*~
1. Hay Bay (me) Love Cannon Boy
2. Jenn love Pee-Wee
3.Courtney love Tray
4. Kaye love Rome

Shady Lane Play Girls
Hay Bay (me)

Shady Lane Niggaz
Cannon Boy


If I forgot motha fuckin bad haha! :) I still love yall and I'm still here for yall! Er one KEEP YA HEAD UP! STAY TRU TA THE LAST STOP! & ROLL IN DA RIGHT WAYS! holla!


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