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9.     What is the ecosystem of your endangered species?  Describe it.

 The ecosystem of my endangered species the gray wolf is forested areas.  The forested areas consist

of large trees, plants, and underbrush covering a large amount of space.  It is good for hiding and

sneaking up on your prey if your quiet. 



10.            What is a niche?

  A niche is the role of an organism in an ecosystem for example is the organism a producer,

decomposer, scavenger, or consumer in its environment.  This is simply answered by looking at their

food chain.




11.              What is the niche occupied by the organism.


The niche occupied by my organism is 2nd consumer, I figured this because the gray wolf

can eat deer, moose, etc and they mostly only live on plants this means gray wolf are a 2nd

consumer because the deer or moose is the 1st consumer and they eat the grass which is

the producer.