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1. What is the organism’s scientific name? Common name?




2.     Describe the organism.


Gray wolfs live in packs of 8 – 35.  The leader of the pack is the alpha a male.  The alpha is being the highest ranked or

most dominant individual of one's sex. The gray wolf is a very large canid, mostly gray, but showing great variation in

color, ranging from white to black.  It has a Long, bushy tail with a black tip. Males are usually bigger than females.  Gray

wolves mate for life. Usually only the alpha pair breeds.  They mate in  the winter and later 2 –14 pups are born. Their

pups are born blind.  Other females in the pack help take care of the newborn pups.  Within 3 – 5 weeks the pups are able

to travel with the pack. The habitat for the gray wolf is The forested areas of Northern Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Gray wolves are a meat eating animal.  They eat anything ranging from mice to large caribou.


3.     What are its predators?  What are its prey?


  The gray wolf has no predators, but they do have prey.  The gray wolf mostly prefer Deer, moose, elk,  and beaver.