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12.            What reasons are proposed for the potential extinction of the organism?


The potential extinction of my organism is mainly because humans change their minds so much.  Earlier this century

people all around the world thought wolf, gray wolfs in general should be hunted and killed.  This is because they were

killing tons of cattle and dear.  Shooting, trapping, and poisoning were some of the usual ways that the gray wolf was killed.



13.            What efforts are being made for saving the organism from extinction?


 Today much research is being conducted to determine the best habitat for wolves. Recently, 30 gray wolves were re-

introduced to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. A thriving wolf population lives in northern Minnesota and there is

an isolated population on Isle Royale National Park, Michigan. Worldwide, gray wolves are coming back due to research

and public education efforts. Gray wolves now live in Rome (Italy), Spain, France, Poland, Germany, the former Soviet

Union, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.



14.  How effective are the programs which are trying to save the organism?  Are they worth it?  What is the expense?


The programs that have started trying to reintroduce the organism to new habitats have been pretty much very

successful so far.  I havenít found much research or any that says these programs have not worked so Iím guessing

itís going really well.  To the public it seems that these programs are worth it ever since the gray wolf went on the

endangered species list tons of people have been thinking of great ways to save these distinctive creatures.  The

expense of this program was last recorded as 1.1 million dollars for maintaining an average of 243 gray wolfs.