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  5. What is a biome?


region can be classified according to its vegetation type.


6.     Where in the world is the biome?


·        The biomes of the world are found in these locations…





Deciduous Forest























7.     What is the biome like?


forest, temperate deciduous forest and temperate grasslands.  Deciduous forests is their main biome which is found three

separate regions in the northern hemisphere. The types of trees you can find in these three regions are broad leafed

deciduous trees and some of the evergreen species. The trees are more commonly known as ash, beech, birch and

northern arrow-wood.  The soil is very fertile. In fact, some of the great agricultural regions are found in this biome. That is

one of the reasons there aren't a lot of original deciduous forests left in the world. Most of the forests have been cleared for

agriculture. China has been clearing the natural trees for at least 4,000 years and most of the forests are man-made. Most

deciduous forests are found in Eastern North America somewhere around 35-48° N, and Europe and Asia around 45-60° N.

There are some deciduous regions in the southern hemisphere but their plants and animals are different from those of the

northern deciduous forests


 8.     What is the weather:  rainfall, temperatures, wind,

Are there seasonal differences in weather?