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Cool links:
Sexy Me - hehe thats for you Luan!
Fun Games - Cool crap to do when your bored
Perverts - Feel free to hand out this guy's phone # to the next psycho you meet :)
The kind of puppy I want ... well some of them are ugly, but some of them are sooooo cute!

Cool Videos:
Haha nick is funny... - funny video of me scaring nick ... its so awesome!
Nick screaming - make sure you turn the volume up really loud for this one!
Sledding down a big hill ... into a wall - yeah this is the lovely hill that screwed over my hip. See how
Nick lands in the bushes. I hit that little brick column just to the left of the bush.
Learn to walk - Note to self: you can't run on ice...
Almost made it... - another funny video of nick falling.
Worst Singer in the World - brings a tear to my eye ;P
Hippothing Dance - too funny!
End of the World - you can thank Erika for this one ... hehe
Mario 3 - watch this guy beat Mario 3 in 11 minutes, he is truely a badass.

Cool Pics: Scroll over pic to get the description, and click to enlarge.

What is he thinking about ... do they make monkey porn???
Erika and her mom :)
Our new house from an angle
yes .. this is my friend ... doing his happy dance :)
same goofy guys
Snow Sculpture
Snow Sculpture
Snow Sculpture
Snow Sculpture
Snow Sculpture
 - I always knew :O Can you say Marilyn Monroe

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