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+  6.17.03: New pic and video of Eric.

+  6.16.03: Eric Moell and Ryan Hamilton added to team roster. Check back soon to see their stuff.

+  6.15.03: New video.

+  6.10.03: Justin quit.

+  5.30.03: Bails video added.

+  5.12.03: Problems with the new commercial are fixed.

+  5.8.03: New message board, new pic of Ian.

+  5.6.03: Our site has been transferred to Angelfire because our last host was unreliable. The message board is temporarily down but will be back up soon. A new pic of Alan is up.

+  4.21.03: A "random video" added.

+  4.20.03: New pic of Ray.

+  4.15.03: "The Frizz has been chopped" -Ian.

+  4.14.03: New clips of Justin, Alan, Ian, and Ray.

+  4.9.03: New pic of Ian.

+  3.21.03: The new commercial is now posted in the videos section.

+  3.12.03: New commercial in the making, and it's almost done so check back soon.

+  3.10.03: New video of Alan, new pic of Ian.

+  3.3.03: New videos of Alan, Justin, and Ian.

+  2.20.03: The Sector Commercial

+  2.19.03: We officially changed the team name to "Sector". All profiles and a new pic of Ian are up.

+  2.17.03: Hahaha we are working on changing our name because "g-sector" sucks.

+  2.16.03: Justin Lonaker and Glen Hammerle are now on the team. Check out the pics.

+  2.16.03: New pic of Ian. Check Pics page.

+  2.14.03: Team profiles are now up.

+  2.12.03: Added Team and Pictures pages, and added a Message Board. Go post something. Also, as you might have noticed, the site is down a lot. This is only temporary. This site will probably be updated regularly. We are looking for new team members. Check the Team page for more info.

+  2.11.03: I put up some videos. The site is still under construction.